Everyone waits for Aaron Rodgers

Packers (for not much longer, apparently) quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to be the center of the NFL universe. And the rest of the universe is waiting for him to make up his mind.

Earlier today, Connor Hughes of SNY reported that all details regarding a potential trade from Rodgers to the Jets have been worked out — and that the only question at this point is whether Rodgers wants to play for the Jets.

The Jets have gone all in, to the point at which it’s hard to envision a viable Plan B. If the Jets sign Jimmy Garoppolo instead, it would be roughly the same as casting the role of Don Corleone not with Marlon Brando but Soupy Sales.

It’s unclear whether anyone else is in play for Rodgers. The Raiders at one point were the betting favorite, and it still makes sense, if it were to happen. Or maybe there’s some other team Rodgers would rather play for.

At some point, Rodgers might need to get his hands dirty in order to get what he wants, if he wants (for example) to be traded to an NFC team.

Regardless, the ball apparently is sitting in Rodgers’s court. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), we’ll find out what he wants.

Everyone waits for Aaron Rodgers originally appeared on Pro Football Talk