Everyone is interested in Bronny James declaring for the NBA draft

Bronny James, when sized up and measured as an NBA draft prospect, is not an electrifying player. Bronny James as a man who could play alongside his famous father, LeBron James, as NBA teammates? That is endlessly fascinating. Lil Wayne is just one of the celebrities who has weighed in on Bronny James and the NBA draft. Pop culture figures having a take on the NBA or the draft is nothing new, but there is something which tugs at the heartstrings and also creates a singular curiosity when Bronny James is the topic of conversation.

Bronny James playing with LeBron James on the same NBA team, whichever team that is, will be a special moment in NBA history. The fact that LeBron James is already a legend of the game and one of the greatest basketball players of all time makes the idea of a Bronny-LeBron on-court pairing quite fascinating, even if that pairing isn’t going to play extended minutes together. Just one lob pass from one to the other, one backcut and assist, one screen set to open up a jump shot, will be talked about by many, and it will be remembered and cherished by father and son in ways we on the outside can’t appreciate. Bronny James is no ordinary draft story, and generic draft analysis will never fully capture that overall reality.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire