Every Big Ten West OC would be fired if they had Iowa OC Brian Ferentz’s contract

If you’ve followed this website, or college football in general, over the last year then you’re likely aware of the situation surrounding Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz.

If not: Iowa has been terrible on offense for years, so this offseason the program put a stipulation in the OC’s contract that he must average 25 points per game to stay employed.

Narrator: Iowa is not currently averaging 25 points per game. It’s down at 19.5, which makes it remarkable the team is 6-2.

Well, there was a big update this week that is worth sharing: Brian Ferentz will not return next year as Iowa’s offensive coordinator. Head coach Kirk Ferentz, Brian’s father, then confirmed that he plans to return as head coach. So it isn’t a full cleaning of the house.

Put aside my thoughts on how Iowa runs its football program. I thought it would be interesting to see whether any team in the Big Ten West is on pace to reach the 25 points-per-game threshold.

As it turns out, not a single team is:

  1. Wisconsin: 24.8 PPG

  2. Purdue: 21.9 PPG

  3. Northwestern: 21.8 PPG

  4. Minnesota: 21.1 PPG

  5. Illinois: 20.4 PPG

  6. Nebraska: 20.2 PPG

  7. Iowa: 19.5 PPG

That means if every OC in the division had Ferentz’s contract, they would all be on pace to be fired at the end of the year.

That is obviously not the case. But it’s amazing how terrible the division is in its final season. A true ode to classic, Big Ten West football.

Story originally appeared on Badgers Wire