Everton’s 10-point Premier League deduction reduced following appeal to move club up to 15th in table

An independent Appeal Board has reduced Everton FC’s sanction for breaching the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSRs) from 10 points to six.

It comes after the Merseyside club successfully appealed a November decision by an independent commission to deduct points for breaching financial rules.

The successful appeal moved Everton, which has failed to register a win in their last five matches, up to 15th in the Premier League table.

“An independent Appeal Board has concluded that the sanction for Everton FC’s breach of the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSRs), for the period ending Season 2021/22, will be an immediate six-point deduction,” the league announced in a statement on Monday

“Everton FC appealed the sanction imposed against it on nine grounds, each of which related to the sanction rather than the fact of the breach, which the club admitted,” added the statement.

“Two of those nine grounds were upheld by the Appeal Board, which has substituted the original points deduction of 10 for six.”

Clubs are permitted to lose a maximum of £105 million ($133.33 million) over a three-year period under Premier League rules. According to an independent commission, Everton had admitted to total losses for that period – the period ending the 2021-22 season – amounted to £124.5 million ($157.8 million).

In response to the reduced sanctions, Everton said on Monday: “While the Club is still digesting the Appeal Board’s decision, we are satisfied our appeal has resulted in a reduction in the points sanction.”

“Notwithstanding the Appeal Board’s decision, and the positive outcome, the Club remains fully committed to cooperating with the Premier League in respect of the ongoing proceedings brought for the accounting period ending in June 2023,” Everton added.

That was a reference to the Premier League charging Everton with a second PSR breach along with Nottingham Forest in January.

“This is as a result of sustaining losses above the permitted thresholds for the assessment period ending Season 2022/23,” the league said earlier this year.

In response to the latest charge, the Liverpool-based club criticised “a clear deficiency in the Premier League’s rules.”

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