Ever Wonder why Liverpool owes their existence to Everton?

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Have you ever sat there and wondered why certain chants became iconic at a club? Why a team has a certain nickname? Why they play in those colors? How they were founded? Yep, us too.

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This season we will be digging deep to tell the stories of the rich history, tradition and culture from around the Premier League and give you the answers to things you want to know more about.

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Ever Wonder why Liverpool owe their existence to Everton?

Have you ever wondered how Liverpool Football Club were formed? Well, it’s actually because of their bitter rivals Everton Football Club. Seriously.

After being formed in 1878, Everton played home games around Liverpool with Stanley Park and Priory Road both hosting their matches. However, they moved to a brand new stadium, Anfield, in 1884.

That’s right, the historic home of Liverpool Football Club was home to Everton long before LFC were formed. Mind. Blown.

Everton moved to Anfield because they were kicked out of their previous home due to rowdy scenes in a cup win, as they rented the stadium from local brewers, the Orrell Brothers, who then donated it to the local Stanley Hospital.


First-ever title win came for Everton at Anfield

Everton became a professional team in 1888 and in the 1890-91 season they won their first-ever league title with crowds of 20,000 packing into Anfield to cheer on the Blues.

Imagine that!?

Then came a twist which resulted in Liverpool FC’s birth.

Soaring rent, and popularity, forced the Toffees to move

Everton’s club president, John Houlding, demanded more rent for the team to play at Anfield as their success on the pitch saw their popularity soar.

But instead, they moved to a new stadium on the north side of Stanley Park in 1892.

Everton’s new home was called Goodison Park and they’ve been there ever since.

What happened to Anfield?

But what about Anfield? Well, it was left empty and had no team so that is why Liverpool Football Club was set up by John Houlding.

He initially tried to call the team Everton Athletic but that was thrown out by the Football League. And Liverpool Football Club was born.

So the next time you watch a game from Anfield, remember: Everton called it home in the late 19th century and even won their first-ever league title at the now famous home of their bitter rivals, Liverpool Football Club.

And the only reason Liverpool FC are around is because Everton didn’t want to pay soaring rent and move out of Anfield.

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