Will we ever see Aaron Rodgers face Patrick Mahomes?

It was supposed to happen in 2019. It didn't.

It was supposed to happen in 2021. It didn't.

It was supposed to happen this year. It won't.

Will we ever see Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers face each other in game action?

Obviously, it will never happen if Rodgers decides not to come back for 2024. Even if he does, the Jets and Chiefs will have to finish in the same position in their respective divisions for their paths to cross next year.

Or they'd have to end up meeting in the playoffs.

Regardless, the football gods are now 3-0 when it comes to keeping the first installment of Rodgers vs. Mahomes from happening. The first time, Mahomes had a knee injury. The second time, Rodgers had COVID. The third time, Rodgers is out for the year with a torn Achilles.

There may not be a fourth time on the schedule. If there ever is, hopefully both players will be available to play when the date and time arrive.