Even Michael Jordan's statue is a company man

If you know anything about Michael Jordan's feet — and I'm sure you do, creep — it's that he wears Nikes at all times. Obviously he's got his signature basketball shoes, but he also has golf shoes, sandals and probably even slippers or aqua socks. Michael Jordan wears Nikes, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

That counts double for his recently Blackhawked United Center statue that now has a pair of Nike skates to go with its Air Jordan IX sneakers.

As noted by the superb footwear blog Nice Kicks, the change was pretty quick:

Recently, the famous Michael Jordan statue in front of Chicago's United Center had been dressed in hockey attire to celebrate the Chicago Blackhawk's run in the Stanley Cup Finals. As many of you know, the famous statue depicts MJ wearing the Air Jordan 9. However, a skate blade was attached to the soles. The problem? A Reebok skate was attached. Within 48 hours, a Nike sticker was placed over the Reebok logo.

Furthermore, as Yahoo!'s own Puck Daddy found out, the Nike change wasn't made by anyone associated with the Bulls or the Blackhawks, but rather "fan-dalism" that made the switch. Nice work, mystery fan.

I like to imagine that MJ himself was taking his daily walk by the statue, saw the Reebok skates and quickly slapped a sticker over them since he carries several thousand with him at a time. If you think about it, it's not that far-fetched of a scenario.

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