Even Kobe Bryant agrees that there is nothing to do in Cleveland

It seems like it's been exactly one year since Joakim Noah(notes) reminded people that Cleveland isn't the most happening place in the world and that he does not often vacation in Ohio. In reality, it hasn't even been a month. Either we're all aging at a terrifyingly accelerated rate, or the first few rounds of the playoffs are drawn out a little too long. My prematurely greying hair thinks it's the first option, but the rest of me knows it's really the second.

But since it's been so long since Noah uttered his comments, Kobe Bryant(notes) thought he'd remind everyone that Cleveland isn't terribly exciting.

He was amused by one line of questioning revolving around why LeBron James'(notes) sore right elbow was receiving so much attention when Bryant's whole body was banged up.

"[Because] it's Cleveland," Bryant cracked. "We have a couple more things to talk about in L.A."

Kobe's right. There's a lot more to talk about in Los Angeles. For instance, there's the urban pilgrim look and the burlap headsleeve look and, well, you get the point. L.A. is bumpin' bumpin'.

As if snapping on LeBron's adopted hometown wasn't enough, The Man with the Multiple Injuries (trademark pending) also chimed in on LeBron's lefty free throw.

"It looked nasty," Bryant said. "My form's more like Chris Mullin ... I would have called a timeout [if my shooting elbow was hurting me]."

Burned, and nice Chris Mullin reference. Also, Kobe knows of what he speaks — this is the guy who has several highlights that involve left-handed jumpers and has added a reverse spin move designed to get him a lefty shot. When it comes to right-handed players unnecessarily shooting shots with their left hand, there is none better than Kobe Bryant.

Of course, now that Kobe has been asked about LeBron's elbow, someone needs to ask LeBron about Kobe's all-white photoshoot. The circle of this postseason's most talked about topics is almost complete.

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