Evander Kane's lawyer releases statement on gun video involving estranged wife

Evander Kane (Photo by Rocky W. Widner/NHL/Getty Images)
Evander Kane's lawyer says the video was taken out of context from a photoshoot the couple participated in last year. (Photo by Rocky W. Widner/NHL/Getty Images)

Evander Kane’s representatives say a recent video appearing to show the player pointing a gun at his estranged wife, Anna, has been released without context.

In a statement released on Thursday by Kane's agent, Dan Milstein, the San Jose Sharks winger’s lawyer says the couple was participating in a professional photoshoot back in 2020 when the video that shows Kane pointing a gun at the camera while walking away through a garage was taken.

Anna Kane was previously handed a court order prohibiting her from posting anything on social media about Evander Kane, which she has now violated “several times over” due to her “tactic to defame” the 30-year-old player, according to the statement.

“Her conduct, unfortunately, is consistent with her prior actions throughout this case,” the statement read. “Each time, we hope it will be the last. Each time, we strive to keep the peace and put the best foot forward. Each time, Evander is exonerated and Ms. Kane’s allegations are unsubstantiated. Evander continues to hope Ms. Kane gets the help she needs, and requests privacy for everyone involved.”

Before the video was released, the former couple appeared in court on Wednesday over custody concerns after Anna Kane allegedly falsified a pregnancy for months. Evander Kane was given sole custody of their 16-month-old daughter, with his ex-wife permitted professionally supervised visits pending an upcoming psychiatric evaluation.

Anna Kane responded to the statement released Thursday with a lengthy post on Instagram, calling the "photoshoot" explanation a lie and asking for Evander Kane to be brought to justice.

(Trigger Warning: Domestic violence)

I have been bashed in the media repeatedly as Evander continues to leak articles that push his narrative while serving me with a gag order so I can't cooperate or release mine. I've now broken my gag order, as his attorney has mentioned, however the worst case scenario happened today, and my daughter is now in custody of this horrific person.

It doesn't matter what I say, or what any of his victims say, there will always be some excuse, followed by a lie. Just like now this "photo shoot" I was apparently involved in.

These intimate details of my life are just that, the private details of my life that have also been made public now with this man. I cannot and will not stay silent any longer.

Evander Kane has been given a pass over and over again. The pain he has inflicted on so many others has gone unrepremanded. He gets away with it because of "who he is" and "no one will believe you" as he loves to threaten. He's been given a pass by his family, the NHL and evaded charges by always being "one step ahead."

One broad question I'll ask is why so many others have come forward with allegations about this man? Why is he in several lawsuits at any given time? I understand as a public figure some people will question motives and wonder if there's financial motivation but how could that possibly make any sense when it's public knowledge that this man has gambled away every dollar he's ever made and then some?

I am just one of many victims that this man has sexually, physically and verbally abused. The torment of threatening to take the thing I love most in the world, my daughter Kensington, is where I draw the line. There needs to be justice. I am asking that the world finally hold this man accountable more than anything so the damage he causes finally stops.

Earlier in the year, Anna Kane accused her ex-husband of domestic abuse and gambling on his own games. The NHL conducted investigations into both claims and did not find evidence to support either.

Evander Kane is playing for the Sharks’ AHL affiliate, the Barracuda, after clearing waivers following the completion of his 21-game suspension for reportedly handing in a falsified vaccine card last summer. He was told by the team to not report to training camp due to the ongoing off-ice issues the player was involved in.

Evander Kane has four years remaining on his seven-year, $49-million contract with the Sharks.

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