Evander Holyfield says he's 'back' in workout video. Is fight with Mike Tyson next?

Evander Holyfield is back. The 57-year-old former heavyweight champ made that announcement in a workout video posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

Holyfield says it’s his first week back in the gym. The video features Holyfield throwing punches and doing drills. It certainly looks like he’s trying to get back into fighting shape.

The timing of the video has fueled plenty of speculation about Holyfield’s plans. On Monday, Mike Tyson posted a similar video, in which Tyson announced he was “back.”

Holyfield has expressed a desire to return to the ring for a charity event. While he wasn’t opposed to taking on Tyson, Holyfield said his preferred opponent would be Riddick Bowe, according to TMZ.

Tyson infamously bit off a part of Holyfield’s ear during their second fight. Despite that, the two are friendly today.

While fans may want to see Holyfield and Tyson go at it one more time, it’s possible both videos are part of some publicity stunt. Holyfield tagged a number of wrestlers in his tweet, so it could involve WWE. Tyson didn’t hint at any WWE connection in his video, though he does have ties to the company.

For now, fans are left waiting to see what’s next. But considering both fighters posted the videos so close together, fans can hold out hope this isn’t some extremely convenient coincidence.

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