Eva Longoria has filed for divorce from Tony Parker

The NBA has seen its fair share of famous love connections, from Norm Nixon and Debbie Allen to Carmelo Anthony(notes) and LaLa Vasquez to Lamar Odom(notes) and Khloe Kardashian. Over the past few few years, though, the biggest match of all has involved the Spurs' Tony Parker(notes) and "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria.

Sadly, according to People and the Associated Press, Longoria has filed for divorce from Parker.

If true, it's a surprising development. These two crazy kids have seemed like a great couple since their marriage in July 2007, one month after the Spurs' last championship. Longoria has been a regular presence at Spurs games when her schedule allows, and she also has two tattoos honoring Parker -- one of his initials in parts unknown and another of his jersey number "Nine" on the back of her neck.

Rumors of infidelity have dogged the couple since the two tied the knot, but those allegations seem to follow every celebrity couple and have always been shot down.

For now, let's wish best of luck to Parker and Longoria, whether they stay together or go their separate ways. Divorces are sad, but they can also be the right decision.

For those wondering, the Spurs next play Wednesday night at home against the Bulls. "Desperate Housewives" airs Sundays on ABC and remains popular in syndication.

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