"Euphoria" Fans Keep Snitching On Rue To The Actor Who Plays Her Mom, And The DMs Are Hilariously Unhinged

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If you don't watch Euphoria on HBO Max, first of all, what are you doing? Second, you should know that the main character, Rue, is played by Zendaya, and she's a high school student struggling with drug addiction.

The cast of Euphoria taking a group selfie on the red carpet at the premiere of their second season
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In the first season, Rue experiences a nearly fatal drug overdose that leads her down a path toward sobriety...which ultimately ricochets into a relapse during the second season. And, well, fans — including myself — don't want to witness our queen's downfall.

Zendaya wearing a striped, strapless column dress on the red carpet
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So, some viewers have taken it upon themselves to reign the high schooler in with the best method they can think of for an unruly teen: by snitching to Rue's mom.

Actor Nika King, who plays a single mother to both Rue and her sister Gia, recently shared DMs fans have sent her on Instagram, and I'll let you see them for yourself:

One person wrote, "Rue still doing drugs mama!! get her ass"
Instagram: @iamnikaking / Via Instagram: @iamnikaking
Another person told Mama Rue that Rue is not sober, still doing drugs, and being disrespectful to Ali
Instagram: @iamnikaking / Via Instagram: @iamnikaking
Come get yo daughter!!!! Rue been on the pot. Get her some help!! She be selling drugs to some white lady
Instagram: @iamnikaking / Via Instagram: @iamnikaking
Stand up!! Your daughter is still doing drugs and has now started dealing drugs
Instagram: @iamnikaking / Via Instagram: @iamnikaking

"I am an actor," King jokingly reminded fans in the caption of her post. "This is a tv show. Y’all stay outta my DMs snitching 😂."

In conclusion, y'all are hilarious, and Rue truly does deserve some punishment for disrespecting Ali, but that's a different story for another time.