Estimated cost of Grandview facilities project revised to $33.6 million

A team of consultants working with the city on a project to construct a new fire/EMS, police and administrative services building at the southeast corner of Grandview Avenue and Goodale Boulevard has presented a final report estimating the overall cost at about $33.64 million.

The consulting team and P'Elizabeth Koelker, Grandview's director of planning and community development, presented an overview of a fit study of the project at the City Council meeting July 18.

The estimated price tag would allow core facility needs to be met with the new project and still fall within the $31 million to $35 million budget capacity that has been established, Koelker said.

City Council is expected to vote Aug. 1 to place a $25 million, 3.88-mill bond issue on the Nov. 7 ballot.

The city plans to use cash reserves accumulated through various cost savings over the past decade to make up the difference.

Voter approval of the bond issue would be needed for the project.

The final recommended cost represents a reduction from the estimate the consulting team offered in its initial report in January 2022, Koelker said.

At that time, the estimated cost for the project – which includes the new municipal complex; construction of a replacement Grandview Center building to be located at McKinley Field Park at 1661 Goodale Blvd.; and returning the current site of the city's fire, police and municipal building at 1016 Grandview Ave. to be part of the adjacent Wyman Woods park – was $39.3 million, she said.

Since then, the team has met with department representatives and council members to determine where reductions could be made without sacrificing any necessary components, Koelker said.

"We came to understand the impact of COVID and the disruptions to the market that have happened in the construction industry," she said. "That's led to about a 30% increase in construction costs over the past year."

The revised cost estimated "is closer to the higher end than the lower end" of the budget for the project, but still meets the threshold without sacrificing any important component for the new facilities, Koelker said.

The revised plan reduces the proposed square footage for the new municipal complex from 39,424 as recommended in January to a recommendation of about 34,400 square feet in the final report, said Scott Erdy, design principal with Erdy McHenry Architects and a member of the consulting team.

Erdy McHenry was awarded a contract was for $179,690 plus up to $10,000 for reimbursable expenses. Other firms comprising the team are MCL Studio, MKSK Studio, AEC, Korda, Mull & Weithman Architects, Harris Architects and Elford, Inc.

That still represents about a 77% increase from the 19,540 square feet of space provided at the current municipal building at the top of the Grandview Avenue hill, he said.

The team considered three potential general design schemes for the new fire/police/administrative building, and is recommending a "Goodbar" design, Erdy said.

The bar-shaped option provides a more compact design to more efficiently accommodate each department's facility needs, he said.

The estimated cost breakdown for the different components of the facility project include about $29.64 million for the fire/EMS, police and administrative services building at Grandview and Goodale, Koelker said.

The cost for constructing the new Grandview Center at McKinley Field is $3 million, she said. The center would also house parks and recreation offices.

The estimated expense for addressing the current municipal building site at 1016 Grandview Ave. is $1 million, according to Koelker.

The project would begin with completing design and engineering for the new Grandview Center so that building can be moved from its current site at Grandview and Goodale to allow for construction of the new municipal complex, she said. That is expected to take place later this year.

If the issue passes, the city expects design and engineering for the new fire/EMS, police and administrative services building to begin in the winter of 2023, Koelker said. Addressing the current municipal building site would begin after operations moved into the new facility.

Developing a plan for the site at the top of the hill would be included in a process to update the parks master plan, which was last updated in 2007, she said.

The 2007 plan recommended the Grandview Center be enlarged and improved, but that project has never moved forward, Koelker said.


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