ESPN reports there has been no recent contact between Jim Irsay and Daniel Snyder

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay spoke about Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder again Friday.

This time, Irsay talked to The Washington Post.

“I’m not sure how that report’s going to come out,” Irsay said regarding Mary Jo White’s league investigation into allegations against Snyder. “But what already has come out is extremely disturbing, and I disagree with the process. And I most likely disagree that we haven’t discussed something more severe such as him being removed as owner. As I said, it’s not something that I’m saying we should do. I’m saying it’s something that has to be given serious consideration.”

The Commanders quickly responded to Irsay’s latest comments, saying Irsay violated the “Constitution of the NFL.”

“It’s unfortunate that Mr. Irsay continues to behave in a way that clearly is in violation of the Constitution of the NFL,” the statement read. “We look forward to playing his team on Sunday.”

Now, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, there has been no recent contact between Irsay and Snyder after Irsay’s initial comments concerning the Washington owner.

Per John Keim of ESPN, Snyder will be at Sunday’s game between his team and Irsay’s Colts, sitting in the visitor’s box courtesy of Irsay.

This one should be fun. And the game should be good, too.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire