ESPN personality praises LeBron James’ off the court resume

As LeBron James himself may say, he is more than an athlete.

While he has put together an incredible basketball resume and won four NBA championships, his most recent one coming with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020, that is just the beginning of his impact.

James has done plenty off the court to help others, particularly poor people and at-risk children. A few months ago, he opened a Starbucks in his native Akron, Ohio with the intention of allowing employees to earn job-training certificates they can put toward a career in the hospitality industry.

He has also put himself out there as a social activist by speaking out on some hot-button issues of the day.

Some have criticized James for injecting himself into the nation’s political discourse, but ESPN’s Mike Greenberg feels it is all a part of what he has done to enhance the lives of others away from basketball (h/t The Cold Wire).

James has certainly had a couple of hiccups off the court — “The Decision” in 2010 prominently comes to mind. But by and large, he has been a good example to follow as a husband, father, philanthropist and American citizen.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire