ESPN’s Jay Bilas on Syracuse's Buddy Boeheim’s suspension: ‘Just wrong’

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas believes that the suspension of Syracuse's Buddy Boeheim was not necessary, stating it was "just wrong" and "disproportionate to the offense."

Senior guard and son of coach Jim Boeheim appeared to punch FSU's Wyatt Wilkes in the stomach after scoring in the first half. There was no foul called, but the ACC later announced a one-game suspension.

In a video posted to Twitter on Wednesday night, Bilas expressed his concern on how the conference handled the suspension.

"The suspension of Syracuse's Buddy Boeheim for what happened in the Florida State game is just wrong," said Bilas. "The ACC came in after the fact and decided to suspend Buddy Boeheim. It's disproportionate to the offense. Rules are rules and the rules of the game indicate that if play started after the fact, and the action could not be reviewed, that's final. And it was final. The referees could not review the play after play started again. They missed it, and that's fine.

"Now the ACC could condemn the action and issue a reprimand. But suspending Buddy Boeheim for the next game against Duke is disproportionate to the offense and I think wrong. That effectively ends Buddy Boeheim's career. It affects the ACC Tournament and I don't think it's the right thing. Rules are rules and those rules were written for a reason."

The suspension of Boeheim will leave Syracuse without their star player in second round of the ACC Tournament, as they are set to face Duke.

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Bilas continued to explain why the the suspension was the wrong decision by the ACC and how the call "goes against the rules of play."

"If the referees by rule could go back and review the play after play had started, that's fine. Then perhaps it's a flagrant two and Buddy Boeheim is thrown out of the Florida State game. But after the game is over, then it's over. Just like you can't review somebody stepping out of bounds or review a charge/block call after the game, you can't review this," Bilas continued. "The question is one of proportionality. Nobody is saying what happened was right. It wasn't. Buddy Boeheim apologized and that's great. But the ACC should have moved on and Buddy Boeheim should be playing against Duke. This is the wrong decision made by the ACC. It's wrong because it's not proportionate. It's disproportional to the offense and it goes against the rules of play."

Syracuse and Duke will play Thursday at noon.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: ESPN's Jay Bilas calls suspension to Syracuse's Buddy Boeheim ‘wrong’