ESPN’s Facebook page accidentally credits the Miami Heat with being a win away from the Finals

Early Wednesday morning, in the hours following the Miami Heat's Game 5 loss to the Boston Celtics, ESPN's Facebook page posted the image you see above, crediting the Heat with the win and 3-2 series lead, which would put them just one win away from the NBA Finals. Because ESPN's Facebook page has 7.5 million fans, millions could have been misinformed. Luckily, the image was posted in the wee, wee hours, and taken down almost immediately after, relatively few (in comparison to how many could have midday) saw the accidental image.

We present this not as a shot to the bow of our friends at ESPN. No, we present this as service to Miami Heat fans, including the wide-eyed (we're presuming) and endlessly chippy young fan who lauded the team's effort as its stars left the court after Tuesday's Game 5 loss. This image could be as close as you get to a return engagement to the Finals, Heat fans. Drink it in.

Or, use it as motivation.

By the time Thursday's Game 6 ends, with a potential Heat victory in Boston, Miami could be one win away from the Finals … for realsies, this time. This is Internet motivation, friends. Follow your young leader, strap on that T-shirt, and download this jpg from the top of this post. Then, if the Heat pulls out the season-saving win on Wednesday, all you have to do is alter the date, change the photos to shots of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in Thursday's road uniforms, and … well, perhaps it's best just to enjoy the game. This seems like a lot of hassle.

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And, in ESPN's defense, we all make mistakes. This was a late night, brief addition to a Facebook page that was only up for a few minutes following an editor accidentally selecting the wrong photo. It happens to the best of us. All we can do is wish Erik Spoelstra and Dwyane Wade improved success as they attempt to tie their series with Boston on Thursday evening.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The original version of this post included an increasing number of "mistakes" meant to show some solidarity with our colleagues at ESPN, because we all make gaffes on the fly. We assumed that, because our "mistakes" grew in scope as the post went on, you would recognize the sly bit of fun. We were incorrect in our assumption, and all the necessary changes have been made to make this super-serious post as super-serious as this super-serious situation warrants.)

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