ESPN, Disney commence push for Spectrum customers to sign up for Hulu

Mickey Mouse is taking it up a notch.

With Charter Communications happily referring customers who want to dump Spectrum cable to FuboTV, Disney and ESPN has launched a massive push to get Spectrum customers to sign up for Hulu, with live TV, in order to regain access to ESPN and other Disney channels.

"This Labor Day weekend has been a frustrating one for millions of Spectrum cable subscribers," ESPN said in its latest statement issued on behalf of corporate parent Disney. "Instead of enjoying major sporting events such as the return of college football and the US Open, ESPN and other Disney-owned channels like ABC were blacked out due to a dispute between Spectrum’s parent company — Charter Communications — and Disney Entertainment. Unfortunately, the dispute is still ongoing."

The message then makes a pitch for Hulu. The same message has been blasted through the companies various social-medial channels.

Spectrum customers will need an alternative arrangement within a week. In seven days, the Jets host the Bills on Monday Night Football.