ESPN analyst wouldn't trade Justin Fields if he was Bears GM Ryan Poles

ESPN analyst wouldn't trade Justin Fields originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

It's Scouting Combine week, and that means all the Justin Fields rumors are back.

Technically it hasn't even started but the rumors are flowing.

But there is still strong push back on the idea the Chicago Bears should trade Fields from pundits.

"I can understand the theory behind it, as far as the starting point. I wouldn't do it," ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky said on The Pat McAfee Show. "I think if you're the Bears, you have to go who do we think is the best long term prospect?

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"It's not just about resetting the quarterback financial market. The Jets did that two years ago with Sam Darnold, then Zach Wilson. And the main reasoning was let's reset the quarterback financial timeframe for our organization. That obviously didn't turn out.

"So who do they think is going to be the better player long term? Right now, as much as I love (Alabama quarterback Bryce Young), I feel better watching Justin's body of work in two years in the NFL. I really do."

McAfee framed the question around Orlovsky's colleague Mike Tannenbaum's comments on ESPN, saying he would trade Fields and draft Bryce Young.

Part of the argument for trading Fields, aside from drafting Bryce Young, is the assets the Bears could get in return for Fields.

"I think the number one pick is going to be able to get way more than what Justin's going to get you," Orlovsky said. "Mainly because if you're a team and you need a young quarterback and you trade for Justin, you basically have like a year-and-a-half to figure out.

"So you have to pay him and that's a new start for you as well. So I think in there's there's quarterback desperate teams obviously, but I don't think Chicago should trade him."

And while most of the conversation centers around how ludicrous and absurd it would be of the Bears to trade Fields, the chatter persists because of the few beating that drum.

ESPN's Louis Riddick went on a rant recently while trying to understand the thought process behind it.

Fields has had two different head coaches and offensive systems in two seasons. Three offenses if you count the tweaks offensive coordinator Luke Getsy made during the Bears' mini-bye.

And Fields has lacked weapons and protection on offense. A lot of times Fields was running for his life.

The Bears have the No. 1 overall pick and more cap space than any other NFL team by a large margin. The hope is general manager Ryan Poles can leverage that war chest of assets to finally give Fields the weapons and protection he needs to put all these questions to rest once and for all.

Then with a better supporting cast in place, Fields takes the big step forward everyone is expecting.

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