ESPN 30 for 30 co-directors for “Bullies of Baltimore” film on 2000 Ravens talk about timing of production

The 2000 Baltimore Ravens had one of (if not the) best defenses of all time, and ESPN announced during the Summer of 2022 that a “30 for 30” documentary called “Bullies of Baltimore” would be in the works.  In November, the trailer for the doc was released to a lot of buzz.  Finally, on January 19th, ESPN announced the official release date of the documentary, which will be on Sunday February 5th at 8:30.

Ravens Wire Managing Editor and Host of the Locked on Ravens Podcast Kevin Oestreicher was able to interview the “Bullies of Baltimore” co-directors Ken Rodgers and Jason Weber.  When asked how the two figured out the storyline since that team doesn’t get too much recognition, Rodgers mentioned how the timing felt “ready” and “fully baked”.

“There comes a certain time when a film is ready, it’s fully baked. You know 10-years ago this team would have been kind of around the 2012 Ravens time and things were in rebuild after (Brian) Billick left and you got a new coach and the NFL was still kind of the same. Now, 22-years later it plays differently because this team is so different than what teams are today and what they’re allowed to be today on the field and off the field so we sort of got to the point where we said this is worth revisiting now because this team doesn’t exist anymore, this type of team, these types of personalities and that’s where it started and then it went to the fact of okay, how do we actually tell the story and how do we want to get them together and that’s where Jason (Weber) started putting together this incredible stage show in front of 200 people in Baltimore”

The documentary is going to bring back a lot of memories for players, coaches, fans and more. The NFL has changed drastically since 2000, but the film is sure to shed light on how dominant the team was. “Bullies of Baltimore” premieres on ESPN at 8:30 pm EST on Sunday February 5th, 2023.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire