ESPN's Adam Schefter tears meniscus, believes doing 'The Griddy' led to injury

ESPN football reporter Adam Schefter missed the opportunity to break the news about his own injury. Schefter tore his meniscus and believes the injury occurred while he was doing "The Griddy" before "Monday Night Football."

Schefter, 55, spoke about the injury during an appearance on "NFL Live" on Thursday. He did not know the extent of the injury at the time, and thought it could be a torn ACL.

Schefter said he's not 100 percent sure doing "The Griddy" caused the injury. But said his knee started hurting shortly after that performance.

He later confirmed he tore his meniscus, and will retire from doing "The Griddy."

Schefter will still appear on ESPN while dealing with the injury.

Why did Adam Schefter attempt "The Griddy?"

Schefter attempted the dance before the Chicago Bears took on the Minnesota Vikings on "Monday Night Football" in Week 15. Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson popularized the dance.

Schefter did the dance to try and show off in front of his coworkers. His attempt led to laughter, particularly from Hall of Fame receiver Randy Moss, but it also resulted in significant pain for Schefter.

ESPN's Adam Schefter.
Adam Schefter tore his meniscus dancing. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) (Wesley Hitt via Getty Images)