Erol Bulut's Cardiff City future? 'It's getting tiresome'

Cardiff City Fans Voice
[BBC Sport]

Four weeks after the end of the Championship season, Erol Bulut’s future as Cardiff city manager remains as uncertain as ever.

The Turkish boss has yet to agree a new contract with the Bluebirds and that has left some fans frustrated.

Ben James from the ‘View From The Ninian’ podcast told BBC Radio Wales Sport: “It's ridiculous really.

“A couple of weeks ago, I got told that he might be sticking around and that they’re close to coming to an agreement and two weeks later I think we’re even further away from the truth.

“It happened last summer, it probably happened the summer before and it will probably happen next summer, it just keeps going around, it's the circus that is Cardiff City and it’s getting a bit tiresome.

“I was thinking back to the last home game of the season when [Chairman Mehmet] Dalman was in the press conference talking about how he was going out for dinner that night with Bulut and you thought at that point that maybe they were going to get ahead of it for once and they were actually going to sort it out before the season came to a climax.

“But here we are almost a month later and it hasn't happened. I understand from Bulut’s point of view, I think the initial talk was that we’d offer to extend for a year and he wanted a bit more of a guarantee - if that is the truth - and he’s right to want a guarantee because his family are still back in Turkey as far as I understand it, he wants to bring them over and have a bit more security for his job and if we’re not willing to offer that maybe Bulut’s right to look away?

“It's just so annoying when you look around the league and other clubs are stealing a march on certain players and certain transfers, on the free agents coming out, and we’re still stuck here not sure where we are going next season”.