Erik Bakich shares injury update on Will Taylor heading into Clemson Regional

On Monday, Clemson’s head baseball coach, Erik Bakich, provided an update on outfielder Will Taylor’s recovery from an injury.

Taylor, who had surgery on his left wrist last month, has been wearing a cast for protection. Bakich shared encouraging news, saying Taylor is expected to get his cast removed this week.

“He should be getting it off this week,” Bakich mentioned after Clemson’s regional field was announced on Monday.

When asked about Taylor’s next steps post-cast, Bakich humorously suggested Taylor might immediately start swinging for home runs. However, he acknowledged that Taylor will likely need a gradual reintroduction to hitting.

“There will probably be a build-up time before he can start hitting again,” Bakich noted. “But this is definitely progress towards his return.”

Taylor injured his wrist diving for a foul ball against NC State on April 14, resulting in a small bone fracture and subsequent surgery. Before the injury, Taylor, a junior, was regaining the form that made him a top MLB prospect, with seven home runs and 19 RBIs.

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire