Eric Trump’s tweet backfires: Readers react

Yahoo News Video

“When did we enter the Twilight Zone?” Eric Trump’s tweet about Ellen DeGeneres and the so-called #DeepState has Yahoo Newsroom readers scratching their heads — and sharing their comments.

The story started when President Trump’s son posted a screenshot of Twitter’s suggestions for accounts to follow. Among the profiles: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and talk-show host DeGeneres, along with the image Eric tagged #DeepState. And so the backlash began. It’s unclear if Trump is suggesting they’re all part of the rumored “deep state” group, which conspiracy theorists believe is working in the shadows to undermine the president’s administration. Regardless, it has sparked thousands of comments, almost universally negative, against the first son. The ones generating the most reactions are shown in the video above.

What do you think? Funny tweet, on point, or just plain bizarre? Join the conversation in Yahoo Newsroom.

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