Eric Kendricks to NFL: “Your statement said nothing”

Darin Gantt
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Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks wants more from the NFL.

Or at least something.

Kendricks vented his frustrations on social media Tuesday, putting very little stock in the league’s statement from Saturday which included kind words but few specifics.

“.@NFL what actual steps are you taking to support the fight for justice and system reform?” he wrote. “Your statement said nothing. Your league is built on black athletes. Vague answers do nothing. Let the players know what you’re ACTUALLY doing.

“And we know what silence means.”

The tweet included an illustration with a stylized NFL shield logo, with the words “We Want Answers.”

In subsequent tweets, Kendricks said the Vikings have been talking as a team to create some concrete steps, and asked for input for ways the team could help beyond making donations.

“But we want answers at the league level,” he wrote. “That’s where change can happen, and we’ve seen none. Because right now, it seems like nothing. And nothing is unacceptable.

“You can’t bring in people to teach us how we should interact with police but not work towards changing the behavior of the police themselves. Silence will not make this go away.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell referenced the league’s “power of our platform in communities and as part of the fabric of American society” in the statement.

Kendricks just challenged him to use it.

Eric Kendricks to NFL: “Your statement said nothing” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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