Eric DeCosta: There's probably a pretty strong chance we'll draft a RB at some point

While the Ravens signed Derrick Henry as a free agent, they're likely not done adding to their running backs.

During his joint pre-draft press conference with head coach John Harbaugh, General Manager Eric DeCosta said he thinks there are players at the position who could contribute immediately — even if they're selected on Day 3.

"I think it was an interesting dynamic this year [for running backs] in free agency," DeCosta said. "You saw whatever it was — maybe nine or 10 guys — get signed on the first day of free agency. I think part of that was probably how people looked at this running back class in the draft. There are no top-tier, first-round, necessarily, type talents this year. That being said, there are a lot of guys — if you are looking at the prospects in maybe the second, third or fourth round — there are a lot of those guys, particularly [in the] third-, fourth-, fifth-round clumps, so we’ve looked at those guys very closely. We're excited about some of those players.

“There is probably a pretty strong chance that we will draft a running back at some point. Round is obviously to be determined, but we do think there is a chance for us to get a good, young player who can help us in different ways; as a running back, in the passing game, and also on special teams.”

With only three running backs currently on the roster — Henry, Justice Hill, and Keaton Mitchell — the Ravens could use at least one more player at the position to fill out their 90-man roster.

Former Ravens running back Gus Edwards signed with the Chargers as a free agent while J.K. Dobbins, coming off a torn Achilles, remains available on the open market.