Eric DeCosta talks about T.J. Tampa’s slide to the fourth round

The Baltimore Ravens made several value picks in the 2024 NFL Draft when using consensus big boards as a comparison. One of those picks was Iowa State cornerback T.J. Tampa with the No. 130 overall pick in the fourth round when many expected him to come off the board as early as the second round. Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta was asked his thoughts on why Tampa fell so far in the draft.

I can’t speak to other teams,” DeCosta said. “We really liked [T.J. Tampa], and honestly, we’ve doubled up on positions before – probably four or five times – and it’s worked out well for us. Honestly, we would have taken him a lot higher had we not taken Nate [Wiggins in the first round], I would have to say. So, he didn’t necessarily have a great 40 [-yard dash] time. He had a Big 12 Pro Day, and he did not run at the Combine, so that might have hurt him a little bit, but for us, we see the length, we see the size, we see the leaping ability [and] his ability to play the football. He’s a tough guy. He tackles well. We’re excited. We think he’s going to have a chip on his shoulder and play well.

Tampa was the second cornerback selected by Baltimore in the draft after taking Clemson’s Nate Wiggins with the No. 30 overall pick in the first round.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire