Eric Bieniemy “fired up and excited” to call plays for Commanders

Eric Bieniemy won two Super Bowls as the offensive coordinator of the Chiefs, so many saw the move to take the same job with the Commanders as a step in the wrong direction for the coach.

Bieniemy had a very different take on things during his introductory press conference on Thursday. Bieniemy said “it’s time for a new challenge” and that he believes “comfort is the enemy of progress” as a coach.

One area where the lateral move represents progress for Bieniemy is in calling offensive plays. Bieniemy did not have those duties while on Andy Reid’s staff in Kansas City and he made it clear that he’s looking forward to having that responsibility in Washington.

“I’m fired up for it, bro. Fired up and excited,” Bieniemy said.

Some called Bieniemy’s lack of play-calling experience an obstacle to his pursuit of head coaching jobs despite others making similar moves up the coaching ladder without having that role in the past. Bieniemy can answer any doubts on that front this season and a successful campaign should make it harder for teams to pass on him when openings arise in the future.

Eric Bieniemy “fired up and excited” to call plays for Commanders originally appeared on Pro Football Talk