Ereck Flowers not part of Ben McAdoo’s “drastic” changes to Giants offense


The New York Giants have so much confidence in left tackle Ereck Flowers that he was actually a part of the game plan in Monday night’s 24-10 loss to the Detroit Lions..

The Giants thought Flowers could handle Lions defensive end Ezekiel Ansah all by his lonesome. They didn’t even think of throwing in a running back or tight end to assist Flowers. Ansah made the Giants pay dearly for their overconfidence in Flowers’ ability by sacking quarterback Eli Manning three times.

Head coach Ben McAdoo said Tuesday to expect “drastic” changes in the Giants’ offense. One thing that will not change is Flowers, who will remain the starting lineup. McAdoo, who unceremoniously called out Manning in the post-game press conference for “sloppy quarterback play”, was much more complimentary of Flowers.

“Absolutely,” McAdoo said when asked if Flowers will remain in the starting lineup. “Ereck is a young player. He did some good things in the ball game yesterday. He gets singled out and that’s the way it goes in this league. But again, the breakdowns are spread out. It’s not just one playing making breakdowns. The breakdowns are spread out and I’m included—throw me in there.”

The reason why Flowers was singled out is because he failed miserably at his job of protecting Manning. Ansah repeatedly blew by Flowers like he wasn’t even there. Flowers may be a “young player” but this is his fourth NFL season. He hasn’t gotten noticeably better since the Giants drafted him in the first round in 2015.

“Again, I thought Ereck did some good things in the ball game last night,” McAdoo said. “He gave up a couple of sacks, had some pressures in there, but again, it’s not all Ereck. You can’t point it all at one guy. We need to play better as an offensive unit.”

Flowers didn’t give up a couple of sacks, he gave up three in a one-on-one matchup. Ansah channeled his inner Deacon Jones and devastated New York City by putting Manning on his posterior and helping the Giants fall to 0-2.

For reasons most cannot fathom, the Giants have this unwavering belief that Flowers will develop into a competent NFL offensive tackle despite all evidence to the contrary. McAdoo speaks of “drastic” changes but won’t do something as simple as either moving Flowers or getting him out of the starting lineup altogether.

It is evident that Manning has no confidence whatsoever in his offensive line’s ability to protect him. This is obvious in the season’s first two games. The team wins and loses as a unit but individually, on Monday night, Flowers was plain old awful.

Eventually, this overwhelming faith in Flowers that is not backed up by his play on the field will cause the players to question McAdoo. He said Tuesday doing the same thing over and over again is “insanity”. This belief in Flowers, especially after Monday’s night game, is not the mindset of a sane coach.

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