Entrepreneur and Business Owner Jesse Willms Featured in Exclusive New Thrive Global Interview

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Jesse Willms, a highly accomplished entrepreneur and business owner with a deep background in digital marketing, has been featured in an exclusive new interview with Thrive Global

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / October 27, 2020 / The interview, which was published on October 23, 2020, can be found on Thrive's official site here. Thrive Global helps the world's leading enterprises and their people build healthy habits through inspirational storytelling and actionable microsteps.

The wide-ranging interview explored Jesse Willms' background and experiences, including what he loves most about running a network of vehicle history websites that enable consumers to check out the history of used cars and identify whether vehicles of interest have been in an accident, have any recalls, and are reliable according to other drivers.

"What is most exciting to me now is how [the car industry] is changing," commented Jesse Willms, who launched his first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 16. "You have companies now, like Tesla introducing their electric cars, that are changing what has historically been quite a stale industry for the last 10 to 20 years…our websites put a lot of emphasis on giving consumers information about electric cars as they come out. In 2021 and 2022 there will be some pretty major companies starting to join the electric car trend, like Mazda, Toyota, and Ford. They are all coming out with their electric car lineups that we will be promoting on our site, as well as highlighting to consumers their safety features."

In addition, Jesse Willms discussed his greatest obstacle and most successful triumph. With respect to the former, he highlighted a fundamental challenge that most entrepreneurs encounter sooner or later: the difficulty of trying to sell people on a vision of something new and different. With respect to the latter, he pointed to the first day that his network of vehicle history websites topped the 100,000 visitor mark.

"To know that we have accomplished that as a team, that we made something that people are really using and getting a benefit from, while also saving a lot of money, seeing that level of interest in something that we've built has been quite exciting for us," commented Jesse Willms, who currently resides in Nevada. "When you start with an idea, you really never know what is going to become of it. But five years later seeing this idea become a success has been quite rewarding to us."

As for what he expects the future to hold, Jesse Willms' predicts his network of vehicle history websites will become a major brand and household name. Given the increasing demand among consumers for unbiased and objective vehicle information created by regular people - and not just automotive experts - combined with Jesse's track record of success in the digital marketing space, it seems a very safe bet that this vision will become a reality sooner rather than later.

About Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms is an entrepreneur, business owner and digital marketing expert. He currently owns a network of vehicle history websites that allow consumers to explore the history of various vehicles, and determine whether specific vehicles of interest have been in an accident, are subject to any recalls, and are reliable and safe according to other drivers.


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