England go from dominance to brink of defeat in disastrous day

Ben Stokes out
The wicket of Ben Stokes felt like a significant moment as England tried to build their lead - Philip Brown/Getty Images

This felt like a by-election in Ranchi with England sitting on a 20,000 majority at the start of the day. By the time the polls closed they could taste defeat and were wondering just how they had ended up in this mess.

The WinViz swingometer lurched wildly India’s way and now they are in sight of a series win at 40 for none chasing 192 against a demoralised England who went from total control to needing a miracle.

The Bazballers’ attacking instincts were blunted by spin bowlers who caused mayhem on a turning pitch, teaching England that against top-class teams you cannot have a bad day and expect to win.

England did not go down slogging. There was not a reverse ramp in sight. They were just not good enough to pass this spin test when it really mattered.

They keeled over in only 54 overs, losing seven for 35, as Kuldeep Yadav and Ravi Ashwin hypnotised every batsman in front of them. They were rendered strokeless, all out for 145 after batting at just 2.6 an over, the lowest strike rate of the Bazball era. From starting the day 134 behind and seven down, India trimmed the first innings deficit to only 46 and it dispirited England, who for a second Test match running suffered a day-three meltdown.

It is well known that England love their golf. Now they know how it feels to be top of the leaderboard only to see a rival fly up on the rails with a string of birdies in the final nine. England’s response was to dump the ball in the drink, dropping a crucial catch with the game in the balance and when they bowled did not pose anywhere near the same threat as the difference between the spin attacks came home to roost.

Huge credit to India. They never gave up, their spirit epitomised by wicketkeeper Dhruv Jurel, playing in only his second Test. His 90 bolted steel reinforcements to their innings, adding 130 for the final three wickets and batting for two hours in the morning to eat away at England’s lead and drain their confidence.

Ashwin grabbed the momentum with his first significant contribution of the series. He was a different threat bowling with the new ball and knocked over three wickets before returning to finish the innings off with five for 51. In doing so he moved past Anil Kumble as India’s bowler with the most wickets at home.

He was supported superbly by Kuldeep’s four for 22 and after three Tests England are no closer to cracking the code of his variations.

Zak Crawley and Jonny Bairstow contributed 90 of England’s 145 all out as the rest of their vaunted batting line-up spluttered to a standstill. Ollie Pope completed a pair, his vulnerability at the start of his innings undermining his talent again. Ben Stokes was unable to climb out of his bunker against the spinners and while he did make 30, Bairstow’s soft dismissal the first ball of the evening session was maddening.

Another DRS call badly hurt England, Joe Root given out leg before to Kuldeep just as he and Crawley were building a potentially match-winning stand for the third wicket. The graphic looked ambiguous on pitching in line with leg stump. It was another hairline Hawk-Eye call that has gone against England but they can hardly complain. They lost six wickets in 34 overs after just seeing India’s tail bat with ease on the same pitch.

On an engrossing day of Test cricket, 13 wickets fell and Bashir completed a five-wicket haul that was heartening to see but likely to be in vain. Jurel’s was a modern-day, all-format player’s innings. He batted with composure before showing off his IPL skills, swatting sixes as he made dopey Ollie Robinson pay for dropping a sitter at midwicket when he was on 59.

The ball before, Jurel had just placed one out of Robinson’s reach, turning the off break into the leg side. It was a warning but Robinson was on his heels next ball. Jurel hit it harder but lower. It was grabbable but the ball burst through Robinson’s hands. Stokes instantly banished him to the boundary.

At 266 for eight, it was a turning point. Jurel had been quietly accumulating but now he pressed the accelerator hitting two sixes and adding a further 27 runs for the eighth wicket with Kuldeep in a stand of 76. Jurel then masterfully handled batting with No 10 Akash Deep, putting on 40.

Bashir fell to the ground to give thanks for his fifth wicket when Deep was leg before.

Hartley bowled Jurel to take his 19th of the series, a fine return for a player who arrived so low on experience. No wonder he looked so flat when he opened the bowling just over three hours later.

A week ago Ashwin had said he should have come on against Ben Duckett as he was on 0 and not 50. Duckett made 153 in Rajkot and was capable of launching England’s second innings to the heavens. Seeing Ashwin with the new ball made him pensive. Duckett tamely clipped a catch to short leg.

Ashwin was on a hat-trick when he pinned Pope on the back leg to take his 351st wicket at home setting the new record. Number 352 was massive: Root leg before when he was playing so well, ending a 46-run stand with Crawley.

Now the pitch was really turning and Crawley played superbly to keep the ball out. It did not last. He went back to one from Kuldeep that gripped and spun between bat and pad, hitting middle stump. Stokes was neither forward nor back, stuck on the crease so unable to keep out a low one from Kuldeep that spun back from hitting him on the pad to strike the stumps.

Bairstow was the last genuine batsman and played a couple of nice shots but poked a catch to cover. Foakes tried to master the tail but does not have Jurel’s range of shots. He could only pick up singles batting with Bashir in a ninth-wicket stand (or standstill) of 12 in 12 overs. Foakes fell for 76-ball 17. It took time out of the game but summed up England’s inability to find their way out of a deep hole.

Day three as it happened, below

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Post-day three thoughts of Shoaib Bashir

11:22 AM GMT

Alastair Cook speaking on TNT Sports

“Today we’ve seen India’s spinners causing chaos on a turning pitch and I think that’s what a lot of us were worried about before the series.

“When England had the opportunity to bowl on the same pitch, they couldn’t get the same impact.

“To win a Test against this India team in their own conditions, England have to be on it for four whole days. If they are slightly off their best, it will cost them.

“They have been very good for two and a half days, but the last few hours they weren’t on it and India have burst through the door. England have got a mountain to climb.”

11:20 AM GMT

The thoughts of India spinner Ravi Ashwin

“I enjoy bowling with the new ball and today was another of those days. I wanted that first over. I seem to have a bit of attachment to the new ball, it allows you to bowl a little quicker, and I enjoyed that.

“I had to change how I was thinking about the game because there wasn’t much turn. I am someone who likes the ball to drop on to the pitch and get bite out of the surface but it wasn’t like that here. I had to use side spin, hammer it in to the pitch, and it was quite a mental switch that I had to make.

“We showed phenomenal character. Kuldeep was brilliant today. He can put a lot of revs on the ball and he’s got a lot of skill but he changed his paces really nicely, he is very difficult to play when he does that and I’m sorry to take the five-for from him!

“Dhruv Jurel’s defence was gun and he showed great composure, we were very calm in the dressing room. For just his second Test match, he had a great game plan and it gave us a huge lift.

“I don’t have many expectations [for next week’s 100th Test], I just love every minute with this team and I’ll be happy the longer it lasts.”

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Plenty of praise for Ashwin

11:09 AM GMT

Bad day for England, good one for India

11:04 AM GMT

Milestone for Sharma

11:03 AM GMT

OVER 8: IND 40/0 (Sharma 24 Jaiswal 16)

Root nearly gets on to sneak under Jaiswal but the Indian opener just gets his bat down onto it. Jaiswal then cuts away behind square for a couple. Jaiswal blocks the final ball of the day and I think you would say India have dominated. India have nearly won the series and they require another 152 runs tomorrow to win not only the match, but the series as well.

10:59 AM GMT

OVER 7: IND 38/0 (Sharma 24 Jaiswal 14)

Bashir comes into the attack, replacing Root. A tight over from Bashir. Should he have opened the bowling? There will be one more over tonight.

10:56 AM GMT

OVER 6: IND 37/0 (Sharma 24 Jaiswal 13)

I have lost count already of the number of full-bungers England have bowled. A clue; far too many! Another four runs come from that over and it is far too easy for India as we enter into the final few minutes.

10:52 AM GMT

OVER 5: IND 33/0 (Sharma 22 Jaiswal 11)

I do not think it is an exaggeration that this has been dross from England in these five overs. India require another 159 runs to win.

10:50 AM GMT

OVER 4: IND 29/0 (Sharma 20 Jaiswal 9)

Just over 10 minutes left on day three. Big appeal for LBW from Hartley as he strikes Sharma on the pads. England consider a review but ultimately decide against it. It felt like it was going down leg.

Hartley follows that up by going to full and is hit away for four by Sharma. Hartley’s radar is all over the place and with ease Sharma flicks a full toss over the top of mid-wicket and away for four.

10:45 AM GMT

OVER 3: IND 20/0 (Sharma 12 Jaiswal 8)

The England players, coaches and fans will be wondering how things have gone so wrong today. They were in a great position at the start of day three, but by the end India are in a good position to win the match and the series.

Rohit Sharma has just passed 1,000 runs in Tests against England.

Jaiswal sweeps Root behind square on the leg side for four. England have got it completely wrong with the ball in these first few overs. This Test match is very quickly getting away from them.

10:42 AM GMT

OVER 2: IND 13/0 (Sharma 11 Jaiswal 2)

Hartley will open the bowling from the other end. It feels like there are a few too many easy singles on offer to Jaiswal.

Hartley has been too full and Sharma flicks him away through mid-wicket for the first boundary of the innings. Not a good start with the ball from England. Sharma repeats the shot the next ball and it is the same result; four more. India need 179 more runs to win.

10:38 AM GMT

OVER 1: IND 4/0 (Sharma 3 Jaiswal 1)

India need 192 to win the Test match and the series. Just over 20 minutes left on day three. Root is going to open the bowling to Sharma.

Sharma gets India going second ball with a single down to fine leg. Jaiswal is off and running first ball with a single to long-off.

Sharma flicks a full ball from Root into the deep on the leg side for a couple. A comfortable start for the hosts.

10:31 AM GMT

Impressive from Ashwin and Kuldeep

Ravi Ashwin walks off with the ball after taking a five-for. He finishes with figures of 5-51 from his 15 overs. Kuldeep Yadav also was impressive as finished with figures of 4-22 from 15 overs.

Ravi Ashwin celebrates a wicket
Ravi Ashwin (pictured) takes a five-for - Amit Dave/Reuters

10:29 AM GMT

Talk of a collapse

England lost their last seven wickets for just 35 runs. Just not good enough, although the pitch was not easy to bat on. Can England’s spinners turn the ball as much as India’s did?

10:27 AM GMT


Anderson c Jurel b Ashwin 0  Anderson is the last man in. What are the chances of a reverse sweep from Anderson almost immediately? Third ball in fact, and he gets out playing it. He hits him on the pad, then deflects off his pad and Jurel takes a good catch. A little unlucky for Anderson but it seems he gets out playing that shot more than he does score runs. India need 192 runs to win this Test match and the series. FOW 145 all out

10:23 AM GMT


Foakes c & b Ashwin That is a poor dismissal from Foakes. He just chips it straight back to Ashwin, who takes an easy catch off his own bowling. FOW 145/9

I have no idea, really, whether that one-an-over passage from Foakes was actually helpful or not. He didn’t attempt a shot in anger, and has allowed the pitch to wear a touch, and a bit more rest for the bowlers, but the partnership was worth 12 in 14 overs. Maybe it’ll prove crucial.

10:20 AM GMT

OVER 53: ENG 145/8 (Foakes 17 Bashir 1)

Foakes nudges the ball behind square on the leg side for a single off the penultimate ball.

Simon Hughes has given his view on Root’s wicket on X:

10:16 AM GMT

OVER 52: ENG 144/8 (Foakes 16 Bashir 1)

Interestingly off the final ball Rohit Sharma does not bring all the fielders up to keep Bashir on strike, so Foakes pushes down to long-on for a single to retain strike.

10:15 AM GMT

Not out

India change the field and it causes Foakes to opt for the reverse sweep. He misses and is struck on the pad. Rod Tucker’s finger goes up and Foakes decides to review. Ultra Edge shows that Foakes hit it so the on-field decision is overturned.

10:08 AM GMT

OVER 51: ENG 143/8 (Foakes 15 Bashir 1)

For the first time in what feels like forever, there is no single on the fourth ball. The sequence is broken. The single this time is taken on the fifth ball.

India appeal for a catch down the leg side but Kumar Dharmasena is not interested. It looked like it might have clipped the pad. India have no interest in a review.

There have been 18 overs in the session. England have lost three wickets and scored just 23 runs.

10:01 AM GMT

OVER 50: ENG 142/8 (Foakes 14 Bashir 1)

Copy and paste. Once again Foakes waits until the fourth ball to take the run. The lead is very slowly creeping up; 188 now. Time for drinks.

Oh for an hour of Mark Wood! Batting or hitting, that is, never mind the fast bowling.

09:57 AM GMT

OVER 49: ENG 141/8 (Foakes 13 Bashir 1)

For the sixth over on the trot, Foakes gets the single on the fourth ball. No scares for Bashir.

09:54 AM GMT

OVER 48: ENG 140/8 (Foakes 12 Bashir 1)

Ashwin is coming into the attack to replace Jadeja. You have waited for it and it happens again. Foakes flicks into the leg side on the fourth ball and, you guessed it, takes the single.

Bashir comes down the ground but blocks. He quickly had to get back into his crease. He leaves the final delivery.

09:50 AM GMT

OVER 47: ENG 139/8 (Foakes 11 Bashir 1)

Yes, you guessed it. What do you think happens? Correct, Foakes takes a single off the fourth ball. How did you guess? And you predicted correctly again that Bashir defends the final two balls. England’s lead is 185.

Michael Vaughan has been full of praise today for Kuldeep Yadav:

09:46 AM GMT

OVER 46: ENG 138/8 (Foakes 10 Bashir 1)

A pattern has formed over the last three overs; Foakes taking the single on the fourth ball. Bashir survives the last two balls once again.

09:44 AM GMT

OVER 45: ENG 137/8 (Foakes 9 Bashir 1)

Like the previous over, Foakes leaves Bashir with two balls to face. Two dots to finish the over. England lead by 183 runs. Is that enough on this pitch? Could be.

09:40 AM GMT

OVER 44: ENG 136/8 (Foakes 8 Bashir 1)

With the field spread, Foakes takes the single off Jadeja’s fourth ball, leaving Bashir two balls to face. Bashir survives.

09:37 AM GMT

OVER 43: ENG 135/8 (Foakes 7 Bashir 1)

Bashir tucks one into the leg side to get off the mark and get Foakes back on strike midway though the over. Foakes does well off the fifth ball to get a single. England’s lead stands at 181.

09:34 AM GMT

OVER 42: ENG 133/8 (Foakes 6 Bashir 0)

Bashir is in at number ten. What has happened with this pitch? This morning there was barely any spin, this afternoon it is ragging sideways. This session so far has been a horror show for England. Foakes turns down singles at the start of the over and cannot retain the strike at the end so Bashir will face up to Kuldeep. His first-innings dismissal will not give England much hope of him sticking around.

09:28 AM GMT


Robinson LBW Kuldeep 0 A couple of balls later Kuldeep strikes Robinson on the pads and the finger goes up. Robinson reviewed it but he never looked convinced that he would overturn the decision. It is clipping the very outside of the leg stump but Robinson has to go. FOW 133/8

09:26 AM GMT

Not out

Replays show it hit Robinson’s glove so the decision is overturned and Robinson is not out.

09:25 AM GMT

England review

Robinson, who scored his maiden Test fifty in the first innings, joins Foakes in the middle. First ball he attempts a reverse sweep, misses and is struck on the pads. He is given out but immediately reviews. Looks like he hit it.

09:24 AM GMT


Hartley c Sarfaraz b Kuldeep 7 England lose another wicket. He tries to hit Kuldeep down the ground but does not make great contact. Sarfaraz comes running in from long-on to take a good, diving catch. India are going to be batting again tonight. FOW 133/7

09:21 AM GMT

OVER 40: ENG 133/6 (Foakes 6 Hartley 7)

Jadeja really does get through his overs so quickly. Blink and you miss it. He bowls a maiden to Foakes.

09:19 AM GMT

OVER 39: ENG 133/6 (Foakes 6 Hartley 7)

Hartley’s reverse sweep does not go quite where he intended but he still gets a single. Three runs from that Kuldeep over.

09:15 AM GMT

OVER 38: ENG 130/6 (Foakes 4 Hartley 6)

It has taken him 15 balls to get off the mark but what a shot from Hartley. He launches Jadeja over deep mid-wicket for six. That went a long way back as well.

A few balls later Hartley runs down the wicket and does not hit it, but fortunately for him it hits his pads.

09:13 AM GMT

OVER 37: ENG 123/6 (Foakes 3 Hartley 0)

All the momentum is with India at the moment, but the momentum was one-sided yesterday when England took the seventh Indian wicket. then Jurel and Kuldeep came together and put on a good partnership to wrestle back some momentum.

09:09 AM GMT

OVER 36: ENG 122/6 (Foakes 2 Hartley 0)

Just the one run from Jadeja’s over. England’s lead is 168.

For the first time it feels like India are in charge now. England only 166 in front, with Foakes not batting with the tail.

09:06 AM GMT

OVER 35: ENG 121/6 (Foakes 1 Hartley 0)

Foakes is off the mark with a single.

Michael Vaughan has been giving his views on Root’s wicket on X:

09:03 AM GMT

OVER 34: ENG 120/6 (Foakes 0 Hartley 0)

Hartley has joined Foakes in the middle, with both batsmen yet to get off the mark.

09:02 AM GMT


Bairstow c Patidar b Jadeja 30 Bairstow is gone first ball after tea. He drives at the ball and it loops up to cover. The worst possible start to the session for England. FOW 120/6

08:55 AM GMT

Too close to call?

This is absolutely on a knife edge. Even at four down, with Bairstow and Stokes in, you felt England were in control but one wicket changes its complexion. Foakes has developed a reputation for being an outstanding junior partner in important stands. Wouldn’t it be magnificent to see him and Bairstow put their rivalry to one side and save England?

08:51 AM GMT

Tea verdict

England are going to need a tailend rally to keep India from stealing this Test from under their noses. A terrific day for the home side continued with five wickets in the afternoon.

England still have runs banked - they are 164 ahead - but it looks a different pitch when India are bowling and every ball feels like a potential wicket-taker.

Ravi Ashwin was superb with three wickets, Kuldeep Yadav’s two for 10 in five overs included the big wickets of Zak Crawley for 60 and Ben Stokes for four.

After Jurel’s classy 90 cut the lead from 134 at the start of play down to 46 at the innings crossover, India have been in charge.

Batting has been extremely difficult this afternoon, Ashwin’s three wickets pegging England back, including a close lbw on Joe Root that could prove a deciding moment in the match.

England set India 231 in Hyderabad and bowled them out with 28 to spare. At the moment that feels a long way off.

08:40 AM GMT

OVER 33: ENG 120/5 (Foakes 0 Bairstow 30)

Foakes is the new man at the crease and he plays out the final three balls before the tea break is called. England’s lead is currently 166 runs.

08:37 AM GMT


Stokes b Kuldeep 4 Stokes has had no luck in this Test match and it continues. The ball turns past his bat, keeping a little low, hits his pad and rolls onto the stumps. FOW 120/5

08:34 AM GMT

OVER 32: ENG 120/4 (Stokes 4 Bairstow 30)

There are two types of leaves; good ones and bad ones. This qualifies for the first, JUST! Bairstow leaves a delivery from Jadeja that misses off stump by mere inches.

Maiden over from Jadeja.

08:31 AM GMT

OVER 31: ENG 120/4 (Stokes 4 Bairstow 30)

Bairstow carefully guides Kuldeep in the third-man region for a couple.

There are replays emerging from the previous over suggesting Stokes should have been out during Jadeja’s over in a separate incident to the review. The ball hit the pad first before the bat and would have been going on to hit the stumps. A fortunate moment for the England captain and Sharma will be cursing not reviewing although India did not look interested in a review because they assumed it hit the bat first.

08:27 AM GMT

OVER 30: ENG 117/4 (Stokes 4 Bairstow 27)

Five runs come from that Jadeja over.

08:26 AM GMT

Not out

There was no bat involved. It hits in line but was only clipping the leg stump so stays with the on-field decision of not out.

08:26 AM GMT

India review

Jadeja thinks he has Stokes LBW but it is given not out. Rohit Sharma reviews with a second left. That was a very generous 15 seconds...

08:22 AM GMT

OVER 29: ENG 112/4 (Stokes 2 Bairstow 24)

Captain Stokes joins Bairstow at the crease. For any new batsmen on this pitch it is not going to be easy to get yourself in. Stokes punches Kuldeep through cover for a couple to get off the mark.

The final ball of the over turns and bounces a lot. Unplayable delivery.

08:18 AM GMT


Crawley b Kuldeep 60 How big a moment could that be? Kuldeep gets one to turn into Crawley and beats him as it crashes into the stumps. Crawley was playing against the spin and missed it. FOW 110/4

08:16 AM GMT

OVER 28: ENG 110/3 (Crawley 60 Bairstow 24)

Jadeja is ripping plenty of deliveries now. Just the one run from his latest over and this partnership is now worth 45 runs.

There has been absolutely no evidence put forward that Hawkeye is inaccurate. There was a problem with the graphic last week in Rajkot but that was not a tracking issue. Until there is proof Hawkey is out of sync, then why question it? Ask this. Does Hawkeye improve cricket? Yes. Will players out lbw moan? Yes.

08:14 AM GMT

OVER 27: ENG 109/3 (Crawley 59 Bairstow 24)

It is definitely turning a fair amount now so every run for England is going to be vital. The lead is 155 runs.

08:10 AM GMT

OVER 26: ENG 106/3 (Crawley 57 Bairstow 23)

Jadeja is turning the ball and finds the outside edge of Crawley, which runs away for four. The ball went straight down so no chance of a catch for Sharma at slip. This pitch is really starting to turn. England’s 100 up is and the lead is past 150.

Off the last ball Jadeja rips one past Bairstow’s outside edge and there is a stumping chance for Jurel as Bairstow’s back foot dragged forward, but he cannot take it. Missed opportunity.

08:07 AM GMT

OVER 25: ENG 99/3 (Crawley 51 Bairstow 22)

Ashwin’s spell has finishes as Kuldeep is brought into the attack. Two runs come from the over as England are nearly at 100 in this second innings.

08:03 AM GMT

OVER 24: ENG 97/3 (Crawley 50 Bairstow 21)

Crawley tucks into the leg side and comes through for a single to bring his 50. An important knock in a key moment.

08:01 AM GMT

OVER 23: ENG 95/3 (Crawley 49 Bairstow 20)

Crawley flicks one past Jadeja at fine-leg and gets back for two. Crawley has moved to 49. The final ball of Ashwin’s over keeps low but Bairstow cuts away for four.

Well played the England management for sticking to Jonny Bairstow. He has already played two gold-dust innings. In the first he took the pressure off Joe Root, who was still battling against all the criticism of his Bazballing and yet to regain his composure. In the second he took some heat off Zak Crawley by starting so positively. Two invaluable contributions.

07:58 AM GMT

OVER 22: ENG 88/3 (Crawley 46 Bairstow 16)

Sharma has lost patience with Siraj and has gone back to Jadeja. He causes some problems for Bairstow and it is a maiden over. England’s lead stands at 134 runs.

07:55 AM GMT

OVER 21: ENG 88/3 (Crawley 46 Bairstow 16)

Ashwin is into his 11th over and he has all three England wickets. Really good running between the wickets earns Crawley two to wide long-off.

Amid the debate about Joe Root’s lbw dismissal, this has been a terrific innings from Zak Crawley. He’s got to double figures in all eight innings this series, to 40 in half of them and to 70 twice. This would be the perfect time to convert these starts into a century.

07:52 AM GMT

OVER 20: ENG 85/3 (Crawley 44 Bairstow 15)

Siraj drops just a little short and Bairstow picks it up through backward square leg for four. He tucks one into the leg side and quick running between the wickets earns him two runs. More runs for Bairstow as he drives through cover for three and Deep stops the ball just before the boundary. England lead by 131 runs.

07:47 AM GMT

OVER 19: ENG 76/3 (Crawley 44 Bairstow 6)

Bairstow gets his first boundary of the innings as he drives nicely down the ground past Ashwin for four.

07:44 AM GMT

OVER 18: ENG 71/3 (Crawley 44 Bairstow 1)

Looking at close-ups of Root’s dismissal, how that has been deemed ‘pitched in-line’ is beyond me. That has not pitched in line, the seam is outside the line of leg stump. England are very confused by that decision. Remember yesterday and the decision to give Jaiswal not out which irritated England greatly?

Bairstow has come to the crease and gets under way with a nervy inside edge for one. Crawley finishes Siraj’s over with a flick down to fine-leg for four. He has got a massive role to play in this England innings.

07:38 AM GMT


Root LBW Ashwin 11 The technology says it pitched in line and hitting the stumps so Root has to go. I have to say that is strange, how did IT pitch in line? That had to have pitched outside leg? FOW 65/3

07:35 AM GMT

India review

Ashwin thinks he has Root LBW but Kumar Dharmasena does not agree. It looks like it pitched outside leg stump.

07:32 AM GMT

OVER 16: ENG 64/2 (Crawley 38 Root 11)

Rohit Sharma decides it is time for a change in the attack and it will be a change in pace as Siraj replaces Jadeja. Just the one run comes from Siraj’s first over.

One of Zak Crawley’s most valuable Test innings for England. Had he been dismissed cheaply, India would have been on fire, scenting a series win, and England could have been dismissed for less than 100.

07:27 AM GMT

OVER 15: ENG 63/2 (Crawley 37 Root 11)

Just the one single from Ashwin’s latest over.

07:25 AM GMT

OVER 14: ENG 62/2 (Crawley 36 Root 11)

Crawley plays a delightful drive through cover off Jadeja and it flies to the boundary for four. This partnership is now worth 43.

07:22 AM GMT

OVER 13: ENG 55/2 (Crawley 30 Root 10)

England’s lead has now reached 100. Crawley drives aerially but it is safe and he comes through for a third single in the over as he moves to 30.

07:19 AM GMT

OVER 12: ENG 52/2 (Crawley 28 Root 9)

England bring up their 50 and the lead is approaching 100.

07:17 AM GMT

OVER 11: ENG 49/2 (Crawley 26 Root 8)

England take four runs from Ashwin’s sixth over.

Joe Root batting on day three in Ranchi
Joe Root (pictured) is going to be huge for England - Gareth Copley/Getty Images

07:14 AM GMT

OVER 10: ENG 45/2 (Crawley 25 Root 5)

Crawley is getting into rhythm here, flicking through wide mid-on for four off Jadeja. England lead by 91 runs.

07:11 AM GMT

OVER 9: ENG 38/2 (Crawley 20 Root 3)

Crawley hits Ashwin over the top of mid-off and away for four. A couple of balls later Crawley plays a great drive through wide mid-off for another boundary. The very next ball is a carbon copy, exactly the same shot and outcome. This is what England need; some momentum.

Zak Crawley drives through the offside
Zak Crawley (pictured) going through the gears - Gareth Copley/Getty Images

07:09 AM GMT

OVER 8: ENG 26/2 (Crawley 8 Root 3)

A couple of singles from Jadeja’s latest over. How do England go about repelling this pressure from India? Go ultra-positive or absorb the pressure?

07:06 AM GMT

OVER 7: ENG 24/2 (Crawley 7 Root 2)

Ashwin is on a hat-trick but Crawley denies him. England are under pressure here and you can feel how the momentum has turned today. England had hoped to wrap up India’s innings early this morning with a lead of around 100 and then get batting. Instead India are right back in this game. England’s lead currently sits at 70 runs.

07:03 AM GMT

OVER 6: ENG 22/2 (Crawley 6 Root 1)

Root is off the mark off his first delivery.

06:59 AM GMT


Pope LBW Ashwin 0 It is clipping the leg stump and Pope is gone for a golden duck. England in trouble with their lead not even at 70 yet. FOW 19/2

06:58 AM GMT

Pope gone?

Ashwin hits Pope on the pads first ball and Kumar Dharmasena raises his finger. Pope reviews but with no real sense of confidence. This looks out.

06:57 AM GMT


Duckett c Sarfaraz b Ashwin 15 Early breakthrough for India. Duckett pushes forward with hard hands and it loops up off the outside edge into the hands of Sarfaraz at short leg. Poor batting from Duckett with such hard hands. FOW 19/1

In Rajkot, Ravichandran Ashwin was very complimentary about Ben Duckett’s batting, but made the point that he’d love to have bowled at his bunny when he had nought, not 50. He got his wish here, and has blown the game wide open.

06:53 AM GMT

OVER 4: ENG 17/0 (Crawley 3 Duckett 13)

England are playing into gaps and running well between the wickets, demonstrated twice in this Jadeja over pushing for ones and twos.

Duckett has already employed the reverse sweep/ switch hit numerous times already. With Ashwin and Jadeja on India are rattling through the overs.

06:51 AM GMT

OVER 3: ENG 13/0 (Crawley 2 Duckett 10)

Duckett plays a sublime reverse sweep which beats the fielder on the boundary and away for four. England lead by 59.

06:48 AM GMT

OVER 2: ENG 7/0 (Crawley 1 Duckett 5)

It will be spin at both ends with the new ball as Jadeja is on. This will be a testing period for England’s openers with Ashwin and Jadeja in tandem.

Duckett pulls off a delicate ramp sweep which runs away for four. Duckett then attempts a switch hit which he misses, but they run through for a bye.

I think we can safely say there is going to be nothing remotely boring about this period of the game. It is going to be dramatic to say the least, whatever happens.

06:44 AM GMT

OVER 1: ENG 2/0 (Crawley 1 Duckett 1)

Ravi Ashwin is going to open the bowling. First ball goes past Crawley’s outside edge. Threatening start from Ashwin. Crawley comes down the ground and pushes one down the ground to long-on for the first run of England’s second innings.

Off the final ball Duckett tucks one into the leg side for a single.

06:41 AM GMT


England’s openers have made their way out to the middle and the afternoon session is about to get under way.

There was not much of a crowd in first tyhing, with India in a bit of strife. But word has got out that they’re staging a fightback and a decent crowd has built up. They were very noisy this morning as Jurel marshalled the tail, and I suspect that they were dreaming of a hundred for him, as they rather like milestones here.

06:23 AM GMT

The view from Ranchi

06:22 AM GMT

Top performance by Jurel

06:21 AM GMT

England appreciation for Jurel

06:13 AM GMT

Lunchtime verdict

Poor morning for England but an outstanding performance from Dhruv Jurel who kept India in this Test with a superb battling innings.

Jurel’s 90 shrunk England’s lead down to 46 after they started the day sitting pretty 134 ahead and India seven down. England were well and truly in control. Now they will have to bat well on this pitch to make the 250 target that should be enough to level the series.

India’s last three wickets added 130 runs, shifting momentum their way. It is still a handy lead for England who will come out blazing but must be wary of giving away wickets early on against the new ball with the game in the balance. Ravi Jadeja will be dangerous too on a pitch of variable bounce.

Shoaib Bashir’s 5-119 justified the gamble of picking such a green spinner for an India tour and with a masterly control of line and length he emerged as a frontrunner to be England’s no 1 spinner in the future. Tom Hartley was consistent too and finished India’s resistance bowling Jurel for 3-68.

England only had themselves to blame. Robinson dropped Jurel on 59 at mid-wicket, when he lofted Bashir to the leg side. It was hit hard but the ball burst straight through Robinson’s hands. Stokes banished him to the boundary next ball. It was a crucial mistake from a player who batted well making a fifty in support of Joe Root but bowled with his pace down and lumbered in the field.

Jurel and no 10 Akash Deep added 27 crucial runs after the drop and Durel put another 31 on his total. What influence will it have on the result? Another fascinating Test is bubbling up.

06:05 AM GMT


With that wicket that takes us to lunch on day three. Ben Duckett and Zak Crawley will come out to bat for England after the lunch break with a 46-run lead.

06:03 AM GMT


Jurel b Hartley 90 That is a superb delivery to end Jurel and India’s innings. Hartley gets him coming forward and turns it away, crashing into the stumps to end a very good innings. India are just 46 runs behind and it should have been a lot more. FOW 307 all out

06:01 AM GMT

OVER 103: IND 307/9 (Jurel 90 Siraj 0)

Bashir strays down the leg side and it goes away for four byes. Every run is important here. Siraj plays out the rest of the over. Lunch will be delayed as India are nine down.

05:58 AM GMT

OVER 102: IND 303/9 (Jurel 90 Siraj 0)

Siraj is the final batsman. Hartley drops short and Jurel pulls over deep mid-wicket for six, which moves him onto 86. Off the final ball Jurel chips through wide mid-on with the field up and away for four to take him to 90. England’s lead is now down to just 50 as India bring up the 300.

05:54 AM GMT


Deep LBW Bashir 9 Deep swings Bashir into the leg side and it goes all the way for six. Foakes thinks he might have Deep stumped but the Indian debutant got his foot back in time so not out. But Bashir has the wicket now and his maiden Test five-for as Deep is trapped in front. Deep reviewed but it is umpire’s call and out. Well bowled Bashir. FOW 293/9

05:47 AM GMT

OVER 100: IND 287/8 (Jurel 80 Deep 3)

As has been the pattern the field comes up after four balls and Hartley is able to bowl a maiden, meaning Deep will be on strike for the next over.

05:44 AM GMT

OVER 99: IND 287/8 (Jurel 80 Deep 3)

Jurel plays another sublime shot as he hits Bashir over wide long-on for six. England’s lead is now under 70.

05:41 AM GMT

OVER 98: IND 280/8 (Jurel 73 Deep 3)

Jurel gets the single off the fifth ball and Deep blocks out the last ball.

The third innings in a tight Test has long been a problem in how do you approach it? But no team in such a situation has had a greater clarity about how to play than this England side. They might go down quickly in flames of course but at least there will be no indecision.

05:37 AM GMT

OVER 97: IND 279/8 (Jurel 72 Deep 3)

Jurel takes Bashir downtown and deposits it over Bashir’s head for six. Superb shot. Already Robinson’s shot costing England. He goes again next ball and gets four this time.

05:35 AM GMT

OVER 96: IND 268/8 (Jurel 61 Deep 3)

That is really sloppy. Jurel is on strike on the last ball with the field up, but he manages to scamper a single to Duckett a mid-off. There should not be a single there.

05:31 AM GMT

OVER 95: IND 267/8 (Jurel 60 Deep 3)

Bashir is back into the attack, replacing Anderson. Deep goes for a big shot and he just gets it over Robinson at mid-wicket for a single. Next ball Jurel comes down the ground and hits it in the same position, but Robinson shells the catch. That should have been taken. How costly will that drop be? That would have been Bashir’s maiden five-for as well.

That is a really bad drop from Ollie Robinson, and not just because it’s denied Shoaib Bashir his maiden five-fer. Was he concentrating? That is a dolly.

05:27 AM GMT

OVER 94: IND 265/8 (Jurel 59 Deep 2)

After overcast conditions early doors, the sun is now out in Ranchi. Four balls into Hartley’s over the field comes up, so Jurel takes it on and sweeps for four. He tries to find a single off the last ball but cannot find it so Deep will be on strike for the next over.

05:23 AM GMT

OVER 93: IND 261/8 (Jurel 55 Deep 2)

Like the previous over Jurel take the single off the fourth ball. Once again Deep survives.

05:18 AM GMT

OVER 92: IND 260/8 (Jurel 54 Deep 2)

We are now into that phase where the field is spread to the set batsman, offering him the single to try and get the tailender on strike.

On this occasion Jurel takes the single off the fourth ball and Deep sees out the final two balls of the over.

05:15 AM GMT

OVER 91: IND 259/8 (Jurel 53 Deep 2)

Jurel flicks Anderson into the leg side and sprints back for two to retain strike. The field is spread for Jurel.

There is a half-hearted appeal for a catch down the leg side but England never looked entirely convinced.

England do not bring up the field on the fifth ball so Jurel takes the single and Deep will just have to face the one ball from Anderson.

05:09 AM GMT

OVER 90: IND 256/8 (Jurel 50 Deep 2)

Jurel pushes down the ground for a single and that brings up his maiden Test fifty. A good knock so far but India need him to add more. The England lead is now below 100.

Dhruv Jurel celebrates his maiden Test fifty
Dhruv Jurel (pictured) celebrates his maiden Test fifty - Ajit Solanki/AP

Deep swipes into the leg side and gets off the mark in Test cricket with a couple of runs.

05:06 AM GMT

OVER 89: IND 253/8 (Jurel 49 Deep 0)

Debutant Deep is the new man at the crease. India trail by 100 runs with two wickets remaining.

05:01 AM GMT


Kuldeep b Anderson Finally England have a breakthrough this morning. Kuldeep plays onto his own stumps, off his own feet and England have their first wicket today. Test wicket number 698 for Anderson. Drinks will be taken. FOW 253/8

04:58 AM GMT

OVER 88: IND 252/7 (Jurel 48 Kuldeep 28)

Stokes is making a bowling change as Hartley comes on to replace Bashir. Hartley concedes just the one run from his first over of the day.

The great line that late Martin Johnson of this parish used to describe Angus Fraser came to mind this morning watching Ollie Robinson. Martin wrote that Fraser ran in “like a man who has his braces caught on the sightscreen.’ We were told Robinson had upped his fitness and was desperate to prove a point. In fact he is undercooked and was trundling in, bowling at Paul Collingwood pace. Somehow he still managing to bowl three no balls. England have been toothless in the first hour

04:54 AM GMT

OVER 87: IND 251/7 (Jurel 47 Kuldeep 28)

Anderson appeals for caught behind down the leg side but England never looked convinced. Replays show there was no contact with the bat and it flicked off the pad so a good decision not to review.

04:50 AM GMT

OVER 86: IND 250/7 (Jurel 46 Kuldeep 28)

India’s 250 is up as they are rotating strike well. Perhaps England just need to change things up a bit. India trail by 103 runs.

Dhruv Jurel (right) batting
India are frustrating England early on day three - Amit Dave/Reuters

04:46 AM GMT

OVER 85: IND 247/7 (Jurel 44 Kuldeep 27)

Anderson thinks he has a chance of a LBW but Jurel gets his bat down in time and good running earns him a single to mid-on. Kuldeep then pushes a single to wide mid-on.

Three straight singles and this is good cricket from India, keeping the scoreboard ticking over and gradually cutting down England’s lead. It just feels a little too easy for India at the moment.

04:42 AM GMT

OVER 84: IND 242/7 (Jurel 41 Kuldeep 25)

Kuldeep gets a bit fortunate with an inside edge that evades his stumps.

India trail England by 111 runs.

04:39 AM GMT

OVER 83: IND 241/7 (Jurel 40 Kuldeep 25)

Unsurprisingly Anderson is into the attack. A tight over from Anderson sees just the one run come from it.

04:34 AM GMT

OVER 82: IND 240/7 (Jurel 39 Kuldeep 25)

Kuldeep squeezes Bashir past point and it runs away for four. India are getting closer to reducing England’s lead into double figures and the partnership is now above 60. These two batsmen have looked comfortable so far this morning.

04:31 AM GMT

OVER 81: IND 236/7 (Jurel 39 Kuldeep 21)

England take the new ball immediately and Robinson will continue. A little surprising not to see Anderson take it. Jurel plays the best shot of the morning by quite some way with a superb straight drive through mid-on for four.

I would imagine Anderson will now be back into the attack to replace Robinson.

04:27 AM GMT

OVER 80: IND 230/7 (Jurel 34 Kuldeep 20)

Another maiden from Bashir and the new ball is now available.

11 runs from seven overs this morning, so no great damage – but also no great threat – for England. They’ve taken the new ball immediately.

04:25 AM GMT

OVER 79: IND 230/7 (Jurel 34 Kuldeep 20)

Robinson’s second no-ball of the morning brings up the 50 partnership between Jurel and Kuldeep. A few balls later you can make that another no-ball. From an England perspective you are worried about the prospect of Robinson taking a wicket but then it being scrubbed off because of a no-ball.

Just the one over before the new ball is available for England.

It has been very hard to know what to make of Ollie Robinson’s first appearance since July. He is bowling so slowly that edges aren’t carrying to the keeper, yet is also bowling a lot of no-balls. Given he is said to be in good physical condition after months in the gym, it has been an underwhelming display, all told.

04:20 AM GMT

OVER 78: IND 226/7 (Jurel 33 Kuldeep 19)

Bashir sends down his second maiden of the day.

04:16 AM GMT

OVER 77: IND 226/7 (Jurel 33 Kuldeep 19)

This partnership between Jurel and Kuldeep is approaching 50 and it has been important for India. Had England broken it early, they could have bowled India out with a lead of 150 and India would have had a mountain to climb to get back into the Test match.

Dhruv Jurel flicks the ball away
Dhruv Jurel (pictured) has an important role for India this morning - Ajit Solanki/AP

04:12 AM GMT

OVER 76: IND 224/7 (Jurel 32 Kuldeep 18)

Just the one run comes from Bashir’s second over of the day.

04:09 AM GMT

OVER 75: IND 223/7 (Jurel 31 Kuldeep 18)

Robinson will open the bowling from the other end. Jurel gets the first run of the day for India with a flick off his legs down to fine leg.

Just a couple of balls into the day and Robinson bowls a no-ball, having bowled a few yesterday. Kuldeep gets his first run of the morning with a guided single down towards a wide third man.

The new ball is available in five overs.

Kuldeep Yadav batting on day three
Kuldeep Yadav (pictured) and Dhruv Jurel looking to reduce England's lead - Tauseef Mustafa/Getty Images

04:03 AM GMT

OVER 74: IND 219/7 (Jurel 30 Kuldeep 17)

After his mammoth spell yesterday, it is Bashir who will open the bowling this morning. Kuldeep on strike. Big appeal first ball of the day as Kuldeep leaves it and it strikes his pad. England do not review as the ball would not have been going onto the stumps.

A maiden over to start with from Bashir as he continues where he left off from yesterday. It is overcast, like it was yesterday, and it is 16 degrees which will suit England.

03:59 AM GMT

Day three approaching

The players have made their way out to the middle in Ranchi and the start of day three is just moments away.

Good morning from Ranchi, where it’s cloudy and cooler. When I first woke up this morning, I thought there was a threat of a nasty dump of rain, but those worries have eased now. The feeling is that this pitch is very cracked and is only going to get worse. England need to nip the Indian tail in the bud, secure a lead of 100+, and then get cracking. For all Joe Root’s (welcome) caution in the first innings, I suspect they will not die wondering if they have secured a decent lead.

03:50 AM GMT

Special day for Bashir

One of England’s star men yesterday was 20-year-old Shoaib Bashir, who has not even reached double figures for first-class games for Somerset but took four wickets and bowled over 30 overs straight. He was fantastic yesterday and he will be hoping he can take his maiden Test five-for today.

03:34 AM GMT

India mistake?

Did India make an error producing a pitch that gave England a chance to win the Test and get back into the series with a game to go? Our chief cricket writer Scyld Berry believes so and you can read more about it here.

England celebrate the wicket of Ravi Ashwin
England are in a strong position going into day three - Ajit Solanki/AP

03:22 AM GMT

Day three preview

England find themselves in a strong position going into day three in Ranchi. After posting 353 thanks to Joe Root’s unbeaten century, they restricted India to 219/7 at the close with India still 134 runs behind.

Shoaib Bashir starred with the ball, taking four wickets in a mammoth spell that spanned two sessions; it was the longest spell by an England bowler since 2013. Tom Hartley also chipped in with two wickets as the two spinners bowled well in tandem for a long period in the afternoon and evening sessions.

Earlier in the day, England took their overnight total from 302/7 to 353 all out. Ollie Robinson scored a maiden Test half century and Joe Root finished unbeaten on 122. After failing to reach 50 in the first three Tests of the series, Root was happy that he could contribute an innings of substance.

“As an experienced player, the amount of cricket I’ve played, you trust your instincts in the moment.

Joe Root in action with the bat during day two of the fourth Test
Joe Root (pictured) scored an unbeaten century on day two - Tauseef Mustafa/Getty Images

“The reason that I’ve been able to play as many games as I have and been fortunate to play as many games as I have is because under pressure, a lot of times I’ve managed to make those right decisions.

“It was nice to finally contribute with the bat. It’s been a lean few games for me and very frustrating. I do like coming to this part of the world and I feel my game is set up nicely to play well here.

“It was good to spend some time out there, build some good partnerships and get what feels like a very good first-innings score on that wicket.”

India resume with Dhruv Jurel (30) and Kuldeep Yadav (17) at the crease, who built a solid partnership in the final hour of yesterday’s play. England are just seven overs away from the new ball.

Play resumes at 4.00am (GMT).

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