Energetic mom squeals in delight at brilliant hoodie-folding hack

Nicole, known on TikTok as @longlashqueen, describes herself as a mom of three, the life of the party, and a lover of tacos. now, she can proudly add “hoodie hack queen” to that bio. “Oh my gosh! I found this new thing called TikTok! Check out what it taught me!” she squeals as she bursts into frame. The beaming mama then hops to the floor and excitedly begins to fold her hoodie. “Lay the sweatshirt out smooth and flat. You fold up the bottom”. “You take a sleeve, you fold it in, make it nice and smooth,” she explains in a singsongy voice as she demonstrates. Finally, the crowning glory of the brilliant hoodie hack: “Get ready, get ready! Take the hat, the hood, you just stretch it around”. Her voice quivers in delight as she holds the neatly folded parcel and says, “Would you look at how neat your closet’s gonna be”. “I’ve never seen someone so excited about a hoodie,” said one user