Endura Road Overshoe review: We test the Scottish brand's neoprene best seller

 Endura Road overshoe  Hi viz
Endura Road overshoe Hi viz

Scottish brand Endura was founded in 1993 and has been producing cycling clothing ever since. Being Scottish, Endura claims to know a thing or two about wet weather and the simply named Road Overshoe has been something of a core stalwart of the Endura collection for many years.

Specifications: Endura Road Overshoe

Price: £36.99 / $59.99 / €44.99

Material: Nylon 10%, Neoprene 90%

Available sizes: S - XXL

Colours: Black / Hi-Viz Yellow

The Road Overshoe is a neoprene affair priced at a competitive £36.99 / $59.99, although you can regularly find them online for a little less. I tested the Hi-Viz Yellow version but they are also available in a black colourway.

There are several overshoe options in the Endura range split across mountain bike and road applications. The Road overshoe sits underneath the heavier-duty Freezing Point overshoes which come in at a slightly higher price.

I've spent the winter testing a range of overshoes, you can head to our best cycling overshoes guide to see the comparisons, but to find out more about the Endura offering, read on.

Endura Road overshoe  Hi viz oveshoes worn on some wooden decking
Endura Road overshoe Hi viz oveshoes worn on some wooden decking

Design and Aesthetics

The Road overshoes are constructed from 90% neoprene and 10% nylon. I measured the neoprene at just under 4mm thick across the board. The underside and toe box are made from a tougher reinforced neoprene and the cleat and heel openings are stitched with tough aramid thread. Neoprene thickness is the same everywhere so the Road Overshoes look ever so slightly chunky but this isn't a criticism.

The zipper closure is offset to the left of the ankle and is flanked by a pair of reflective strips on either side of it, there's also an additional neoprene guard over the top of the zipper. There's an extra reinforced square of material at the bottom of the zipper to prevent water ingress in this potential weak spot.

A large Endura logo on the side pops in the Hi-Viz Yellow and there are also fluorescent flashes on the ankles as well as a reflective Endura logo on each outward-facing side of each overshoe. There's also a gloss crank rub protection print on the inside of each overshoe, the idea here is that the smoother print minimises potential damage if overshoe crank arm rubbing does occur. Worn cleats can contribute to this so that's another area to check and stay on top of.

Endura Road overshoe Hi viz overshoe close up of a tear in neoprene
Endura Road overshoe Hi viz overshoe close up of a tear in neoprene


I got on well with the Road Overshoes, they are easy to put on and I never had a struggle. I did manage to tear the neoprene on one by catching it with a fingernail so this is something to watch. The neoprene used is quite spongy and soft and if you were rushing or slip putting them on, I feel it would be fairly easy to damage them. This isn't a problem specific to Endura as a few manufacturers including Spatz do warn to be careful on this front.

Water and spray runs off the neoprene really well and the overshoes will do a good job of keeping your feet dry. No overshoe with underside cleat openings is going to repel water completely in a heavy downpour or sustained soaking but once wet, the thick neoprene does a good job of helping keep feet warm.

Although the ankle height isn't as high as some other overshoes out there, the tops of each overshoe hug your ankle/calf really well and there's no loose fit or potential entry point for lots of water here which helps.

Endura Road overshoe Hi viz overshoe toes covered with water droplets
Endura Road overshoe Hi viz overshoe toes covered with water droplets


I like the Endura Road Overshoes, they use a solid tried-and-tested design and feel secure and comfortable when you're wearing them. A nice amount of high-vis detailing really does help you feel a bit more visible and I was glad of it on gloomier days.

I mentioned in my Assos GT Ultraz review a suspected tendency for winter roadies to reach for a do-it-all winter neoprene overshoe and this offering from Endura fits the bill.

Overall, the Road Overshoe is sturdy, warm and water-repellant. It would be nice to see a slightly higher ankle to help ensure water and spray are kept at bay a little bit more, and you need to be careful not to nick them with fingernails or mudguard stays etc, but for the money, they are a solid performer that won't let you down.