Empowering Movies And TV Shows To Watch That Celebrate Juneteenth

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With Juneteenth just around the corner, let's remember the real reason for the federal holiday, the emancipation of African-American enslaved peoples. June 19 is a day in history that shouldn't be forgotten, which is why so many sitcoms and movies remind us how important it is to see Black excellence on our screens.

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The Johnsons during the Juneteenth episode

In the Season 4 premiere of Black-ish, the Johnsons put on a musical performance singing about their liberties as free Black people and everything Black people have done for America. A fun fact about the uplifting episode is that ABC decided to re-air the episode for June 19 in 2020.

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3.Miss Juneteenth

4.Dear White People

Students gathering for their next idea in the black student common area

At a predominantly white Ivy League, a group of students rally to bring "wokeness" through a local radio show called "Dear White People" on campus battling cultural bias, social injustice, political havoc, and so much more. Season 3 received a premiere date for August on Juneteenth in 2019.

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5.Sherman's Showcase

The host traveling back in time recognizing Black History Month

Viewers get a blast from the past with Sherman's Showcase. With host Sherman McDaniels, he takes viewers on a ride uncovering 40 years of entertainment. The hilarious special celebrates Black History Month in June recognizing Juneteenth.

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6.Black Panther


Girlfriends in the opening credit

A must-see show follows four Black friends on their journey of love, careers, and most of all, their friendships with one another. This is a special tribute to Black women as the show touched on many important topics like HIV, cultural appropriation, and sexism in the workplace.

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8.Hitch on the Hog

9.All American


11.Black is King by Beyoncé

12.Hidden Figures



15.Judas and the Black Messiah

16.Madea's Diary of a Black Woman

17.American Soul


Greenleaf family at a funeral

Following the messy Greenleaf family, the Oprah Winfrey series shows that this family can get through anything together while building their church empire.

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20.Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé

Beyoncé at the opening of Homecoming

Beyoncé's spin on Black excellence and HBCU's Greek life. The documentary follows the legend's iconic performance at Beychella, aka Coachella. From all Black dancers and musicians, she empowers Black excellence. Coachella has had big shoes to fill ever since, missing every time may I add!

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