‘Empire’ season premiere highlights, told through the best twitter reactions

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“Lucious. You're gonna remember me. I'm Cookie Lyon, baby. I'm unforgettable.”

Empire has returned and the season 4 premiere definitely delivered. But more than that, Twitter exploded with reactions. Too soon?

First, we found out that Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) didn’t just lose his memory from the explosion, he also lost his leg.


Next, we’re starting to get to know Lucious’s new in-home nurse, Claudia (Demi Moore), and something about her is a little sketch and untrustworthy. In one scene, Lucious asks Claudia if he can kiss her while Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) is watching them in the distance. As you might expect, in true Cookie Lyon fashion, the woman of the house was not having it as she pulled Claudia into a room and told her, “You got 30 minutes to pack your bags and kick rocks, bitch.” And fans were quick to join Team Cookie.


Meanwhile, The new Lucious spent the majority of the episode totally lost, confused and utterly overwhelmed by both the attention and drama surrounding him. After tension reached its boiling point during a family dinner, Lucious decided he’d rather just jump into the ocean than handle the Lyon family drama.


While it was all very emotional, fans took to Twitter to hilariously point out that the newly amputee moved a little too quickly on his crutches.


Speaking of family drama, Cookie reminded Lucious that they wanted to give Andre the company, but neither of them know that Andre was actually the one behind the explosion.


And even though Lucious is putting on an act to make everyone believe he’s fine, some fans have already started a theory that he’s actually faking his memory loss to find out who tried to kill him because at the end of the day, this is Lucious Lyon we’re talking about.


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