Emmys 2017: From gas stations to strip clubs, celebrities reveal their first jobs

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A Hollywood awards show is typically filled with glitz and glamour, while A-list stars walk the red carpet dressed to the nines. And while you might think these celebrities have been doing this forever, here’s proof to the contrary.

At the Emmy Awards red carpet, we asked today’s biggest stars to reminisce about their first non-acting jobs, because, hey, we all had to start somewhere!

Louie Anderson, nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy for his role as Christine Baskets on Basketstold us he worked at a gas station pumping gas and eventually got fired because he could never read the pumps right. And nominee Allison Janney was a bus girl, while Billy Eichner worked at the Gap.

Watch the video above to find out which TV star you may have run into at a supermarket, liquor store, or strip club.

See, celebrities really are just like us!

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