Emmitt Smith on Dak, CeeDee & expectations for the Cowboys

The Hall of Fame running back spoke to Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz about the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback-receiver duo — including Prescott’s chances to win NFL MVP and Lamb’s importance to the team’s offense.

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: All right, Dak's trying to get to that level this year, some saying he's having an MVP season. You watch him. Do you think Dak's an MVP this year?

EMMITT SMITH: Well, I think he's moving in that category, but, you know, MVPs, they lead their teams to great championship games. And not to say that he's not that kind of guy, but that part is yet to be determined. Anyone can have a great season. But can you have a great season repeatedly, year after year after year?

To me, great seasons are individual awards. And they are great for patting people on the back and saying great job this year. But for Dak, I know in his heart, if he was the MVP and the Dallas Cowboys did not make it to the NFC Championship game, it would be worth nothing. And so for him, I think he would rather be in the NFC Championship game with a chance to win that game and go to the Super Bowl than to become MVP.

JASON FITZ: Well, you obviously played with one of the greats at wide receiver. Right now CeeDee Lamb is trying to be one of the greats. What do you see from CeeDee?

EMMITT SMITH: Well, I think CeeDee, and I think Mike McCarthy-- and I said this a couple of weeks ago. It is incumbent upon the offensive coordinator to make sure that he create opportunities for his key players to make plays, and get them involved in the game as early or as often as you need to. The ball does not always have to go to CeeDee. But you definitely got to make sure he gets his touches and his opportunities to catch the ball.

And to disguise it to where you got the defense actually thinking about where is he going to line up at and what he's going to do. CeeDee has been an awesome football player for the Dallas Cowboys, ever since he got drafted. There's no doubt about it. And what it, and the numbers he's been putting up over the last four or five weeks have been phenomenal.

And Dak has been playing great as well. So I'm not shocked. I'm not surprised. And I think CeeDee is not, if he's not in the top five wide receivers in the National Football League, he's definitely in the top four.