Emma Raducanu vs Ena Shibahara LIVE: Tennis scores and updates from Nottingham Open

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Emma Raducanu beat Ena Shibahara in straight sets on her first game on grass for over 700 days at the Nottingham Open.

The 21-year-old made the most of the home advantage, taking the first set 5-1, and then despite a small falter at 5-1 up in the second when she was broken twice in succession, she fought back to win the match.

Raducanu skipped the French Open to focus on her fitness, but said she was in a good place ahead of the Nottingham Open, and showed some of what she is capable of in her first match, where she served four aces and wrapped up victory in an hour and 10 minutes.

Ons Jabeur is also in action and the former Wimbledon finalist takes on Camila Osorio later today.

Andy Murray will begin his grass court season in Stuttgart as his Wimbledon preparation could also be the start of a farewell, and he has previously indicated this could be his final season before retirement.

Defending champion Katie Boulter edged past Harriet Dart yesterday, with the latter left furious after a line call. Dart offered a £50,000 bet to the umpire in the ill-tempered affair.

Relive all the action from Nottingham below plus the latest from Stuttgart as Andy Murray returns:

Emma Raducanu vs Ena Shibahara - Nottingham Open 2024

  • Andy Murray also in action today against Marcos Giron in Stuttgart

  • Emma Raducnau beats Ena Shibahara in straight sets in Nottingham

Andy Murray’s preparations for expected final Wimbledon hit by Stuttgart Open exit

17:54 , Mike Jones

Andy Murray’s preparations for what is expected to be his final Wimbledon got off to an inauspicious start as he lost in the first round of the Stuttgart Open.

The two-time SW19 champion headed to Germany to get some match practice ahead of his home grand slam which begins next month, but he went down 6-3 6-4 to Marcos Giron.

It was the opposite of what Murray was hoping for and we could be entering the final weeks of the 37-year-old’s stellar career after he hinted at retirement this summer.

Andy Murray’s preparations for expected final Wimbledon hit by Stuttgart Open exit

Emma Raducanu fumes over line calls despite victory in Nottingham Open first round

17:52 , Mike Jones

Emma Raducanu said she was on the end of some “insane” line calls which left her feeling like it was “two v one” in her first-round victory at the Nottingham Open.

Less than 24 hours after British compatriot Harriet Dart described the standard of line-calling as “pretty appalling” in her defeat to Katie Boulter, where she offered to bet the chair umpire £50,000 she was wrong about a call, Raducanu was on the wrong end of some questionable decisions.

But she did not let it affect her and began her latest career reboot with a comfortable 6-1 6-4 over Japanese Ena Shibahara.

Emma Raducanu fumes over line calls despite victory in Nottingham Open first round

Andy Murray beaten 3-6 4-6 in straight sets by Marcos Giron

17:16 , Mike Jones

More from Giron: “I had to enjoy the experience. It would have been easy to not look at it as half glass full so I was excited to try and get a lesson from him [Murray].

“He’s won so many big tournaments, the Olympics, Wimbledon a couple of times. I was looking at his record, he’s won 700 and something matches, it’s unreal what he’s done in his career.

“For me to be able to play him on the grass was really cool. I pumped to get the win here, on tour it’s really tough, every player is so damn good and the margins are really small.

“I like playing on grass, it’s fun.”

Andy Murray beaten 3-6 4-6 in straight sets by Marcos Giron

17:12 , Mike Jones

Here’s a bit of reaction from Marcos Giron: “For me, I grew up watching Andy and it’s truly an honour to be on court with him. To beat him I’m truly grateful, I’m sure he hears that enough and would have loved to beat me but I’m really happy with the win.

“Thank you everybody for coming out, it’s really fun and more meaningful to be able to play here with you guys.”

Andy Murray beaten 3-6 4-6 in straight sets by Marcos Giron

17:09 , Mike Jones

Marcos Giron will now face another Brit, in Jack Draper, during the second round of the Stuttgart Open and Andy Murray will have to wait to play his 1000th match.

Are we seeing the end of Murray’s professional career? That was a tough one to watch.

Andy Murray beaten 3-6 4-6 in straight sets by Marcos Giron

17:05 , Mike Jones

That’s got to be a hurtful defeat for Andy Murray. He’ll be back at Queen’s next week where he will play his 1000th professional match.

That’ll be the last tournament for Murray before Wimbledon.

Andy Murray 3-6 4-6 Marcos Giron

17:03 , Mike Jones

The crowd gets involved to encourage Andy Murray as Marcos Giron takes a 30-0 lead. Murray can’t respond as the American drives a forehand to the back corner to set up three match points.

He only needs one!

Murray is beaten in straight sets. That is the first time Giron has beaten a former world number one.

Andy Murray 3-6 4-5 Marcos Giron*

17:00 , Mike Jones

Murray’s under pressure again. Giron takes the game to 30-30 but the Scot sends a serve down the middle and watches as his opponent smokes a backhand over the back of court.

Murray then secure his own hold with a blazing winner. Giron will now serve to win this match.

*Andy Murray 3-6 3-5 Marcos Giron

16:57 , Mike Jones

At 15-15, Giron misses out on his first serve meaning Murray steps into court. He whips at a backhand and drills yet another shot into the net. He’s just not been on form today.

That’s wonderful! Giron latches onto a ball that bounces at his feet. He swings low and rolls his wrists over the ball, getting it over the net with enough power to pass Murray and secure him the point!

The American is then gifted the game as Murray errors. He’s now one away from winning the match.

Andy Murray 3-6 3-4 Marcos Giron*

16:54 , Mike Jones

Very good from Murray who holds serve to keep himself in the match. He needs to break Giron soon or else the American will have a couple of chances to secure his progress to the next round.

*Andy Murray 3-6 2-4 Marcos Giron

16:50 , Mike Jones

Marcos Giron breathes out then laces a serve down the middle before smashing a return back past Murray’s defence. The simplest of holds for the American who is charging towards a straight set victory.

Andy Murray 3-6 2-3 Marcos Giron*

16:46 , Mike Jones

When his first serve lands Murray has more control of the rallies. When he misses his first serve, Giron steps into court and looks to punish the Scot.

Twice he mullers backhand returns from serve but twice Giron finds the net. Murray holds.

*Andy Murray 3-6 1-3 Marcos Giron

16:44 , Mike Jones

Bang, bang. Again Marcos Giron goes form deuce to a hold of serve with two forceful shots and the American manages to secure his break with a hold of serve.

Lots of work for Murray to do now.

*Andy Murray 3-6 1-2 Marcos Giron

16:43 , Mike Jones

Murray is a fierce competitor and will fight to the very end. Much like at the French Open he’s making too many mistakes, hitting the net and not finding the right angles.

Giron moves 40-30 up with a backhand slice drop shot that Murray gives up but the Scot digs in and takes the game to deuce.

Andy Murray 3-6 1-2 Marcos Giron* - BREAK!

16:38 , Mike Jones

Murray is the one under pressure now. He sends a forehand into the net before chipping a lob shot well out of play to put Giron in control of the next game.

Giron then comes up to the net again and flicks over a couple of half volleys to leave Murray with an awkward shot. He has to pass the American down the line but doesn’t get the ball over the net. 0-40, three break points.

Murray saves the first one but then double faults! Giron is now a set and a break to the good.

*Andy Murray 3-6 1-1 Marcos Giron

16:35 , Mike Jones

Oh that’s just dismissive. After saving two break points, Giron belts down two aces to hold his own serve from deuce.

Andy Murray 3-6 1-0 Marcos Giron*

16:34 , Mike Jones

Oh that is lovely. A delicate little drop shot puts Murray in control against the serve before he dances over to the right and smokes a passing winner across court to move 0-30 up.

Giron has a powerful serve in his back pocket though and pulls it out for an ace to halt Murray’s momentum. The Scot isn’t too be stopped though.

He test Giron with a few repeated backhands and the Amercian buckles with a forehand into the net. Murray has a couple of break points.

Giron saves the first. Then saves the second with a powerful serve an drop shot follow up. Deuce.

Andy Murray 3-6 1-0 Marcos Giron*

16:30 , Mike Jones

What can Andy Murray muster here? He needs to hold serve first and foremost before working out a way to break Giron and win the second set.

He starts the second set perfectly with a hold to love, utilising his net play very well. Can he now take the attack to Giron?

*Andy Murray 3-6 Marcos Giron

16:27 , Mike Jones

Giron does brilliantly to get Murray stretched over the court before coming forward to roll a forehand over the net to move up to advantage.

He wins the set with a body serve that Murray turns over the back of court!

Andy Murray 3-5 Marcos Giron*

16:25 , Mike Jones

Marcos Giron now has the chance to serve out the first set. He takes the first point before having a dart at a backhand winner down the line which just goes wide.

A timid return from Murray sets Giron up for a powerful forehand but he goes after it too much and sends the ball long. Murray smiles at the end of the next rally as he’s forced onto the back foot. He almost recovers position but a forehand slice doesn’t get over the net. 30-30.

When Murray drills his next return of serve into the net, Giron has a set point. He misses his first serve though and Murray punishes the second to take the game to deuce.

Andy Murray 3-5 Marcos Giron*

16:22 , Mike Jones

After a slight break Murray strides back onto court with renewed purpose. A sharp serve down the centre line gives him the opening point of the game before Giron errs by pinging a backhand into the tape of the net.

Another brilliant serve puts Murray within a point of holding his serve which he secures with a clipped forehand across court. Hold to love.

*Andy Murray 2-5 Marcos Giron

16:18 , Mike Jones

Giron is full of confidence now and takes the next point with a wide serve to the backhand. Murray then drills a return into the net to slip 30-0 behind before pumping a forehand over the back.

The Scot is struggling at the minute. Giron holds his serve to love.

Andy Murray 2-4 Marcos Giron* - BREAK!

16:17 , Mike Jones

What a shot from Giron! This is an opportunity for the American who pulls a forehand into the back corner and gets the ball to land on the baseline.

He move 15-40 ahead and has a couple of chances to break Murray...

... he only needs one! Murray comes up to the net for a drop shot and waits as Giron whips it back. Murray’s volley finds the net and the American takes the lead in the first set.

*Andy Murray 2-3 Marcos Giron

16:11 , Mike Jones

A cross court backhand from Giron goes wide to give Murray another point. The Scot looks to command the centre of court and dictate play.

He’s not allowed to have everything his own way though as Giron fizzes down back-to-back aces. Actually, make that three in a row. That’s fantastic stuff from the American.

When Murray does manage to get back a return Giron’s forehand finds the net. Needing to win the next rally to keep the game going, Murray strokes a backhand too long and Giron has his hold.

Andy Murray 2-2 Marcos Giron*

16:08 , Mike Jones

Oh yes! An inside-out forehand from Murray is dispatched to the baseline which brings him the first point of the next game. He continues to target the deeper parts of the court and comes forward to meet a volley only for Giron’s return to land in the net.

The Scot’s serve is starting to click and he’s getting through points and rallies quickly behind his first serve. A hold to 15 is won with a drop shot and Murray is back level.

*Andy Murray 1-2 Marcos Giron

16:03 , Mike Jones

Murray has a break point! But, he can’t take it. A wide serve to Murray’s backhand sets up Giron for a powerful forehand after the ball is returned. Murray is on his heels and gives it up. Deuce.

From deuce, Giron fizzes an ace down the centre line before another rapid serve sees Murray punt his return too long. Giron holds again.

Andy Murray 1-1 Marcos Giron*

16:00 , Mike Jones

Better from Murray. He’s starting to find his feet and get used to the feel of the court. He’s comes forward and works Giron arround the baseline with some powerful forehand shots.

The American loops a defensive return into the air and Murray smashes back a winner. Giron’s response is good though and in no time he’s back level at 30-30 after a couple of Murray errors.

Andy Murray 1-1 Marcos Giron*

15:58 , Mike Jones

Hold for Murray! He’s forced to work hard for it but draws level in the match after Giron belts a return into the net.

*Andy Murray 0-1 Marcos Giron

15:57 , Mike Jones

Murray didn’t have the best outings at the French Open but will be hoping for better results on grass courts. The ball is certainly skipping off this surface more.

Murray makes a couple of errors during his first service game to put Giron 0-30 up but a nice wide serve brings him his first points. He follows up with a serve to Giron’s backhand and the American scuffs his return wide. 30-30.

Both men trade points again to bring the game to deuce and it’s a let off for Murray who manages to save a break point. The Scot is pushed back after a blistering forehand from Giron who plays a drop shot next up to move to advantage.

Murray then goes on the attack and comes up to the net forcing a wide backhand out of his opponent. Giron thinks his nailed the shot but it just lands out of play.

Back to deuce.

Emma Raducanu wins in straight sets against Ena Shibahara

15:51 , Sonia Twigg

Emma Raducanu said on court after her victory: “It’s been quite a few weeks since I last played a competitive match so I didn’t really know how it would go. I think my intentions were great from the start.

“I think I played a really good match. At the end I think inevitably if you’re 6-1 5-1 up something probably could go wrong. I was trying to not let it get to my head and just preparing and fighting for each point. I knew that even though I lost three games in a row I still had a chance to win the match.

“I’m very pleased with how I dealt with the circumstances today.

“It’s amazing to be playing on home turf, it’s been so long since I last played in the UK. To come here and feel like everyone is really behind me is really nice. I’m cherishing every moment of that too.”

*Andy Murray 0-1 Marcos Giron

15:51 , Mike Jones

Murray tries to get a bit of rhythm going but laces a couple of shots into the net allowing Giron to get away on the scoreboard. The longest rally of the game so far sees Giron come up to the net and hook a forehand to Murray’s right.

The Scot shuffles across and looks for the lob only managing to hit the ball over the back of the court. Giron holds serve.

Andy Murray 0-0 Marcos Giron*

15:48 , Mike Jones

Marcos Giron will serve first in this match. Andy Murray has never faced the American before so this is a new experience for him.

Giron opens up with a serve that clips the net. His second serve is pumped back by Murray but the American unleashes on a backhand that lands perfectly on the sideline to bring him the first point of the match.

Andy Murray vs Marcos Giron

15:43 , Mike Jones

Both players now go through a warm-up. This match is also Murray’s 999th professional match. Can he can through it with a win to set up an all-British clash with Jack Draper in round two?

Andy Murray vs Marcos Giron

15:41 , Mike Jones

Here come the players.

Marcos Giron, of the USA, heads out with his sleeveless vest and backwards hat. Andy Murray follows him and gets a fine round of applause from the crowd.

This should be an interesting match. Murray is playing here for the second time and reached the final here in 2022 before losing to Mateo Berrettini.

Emma Raducanu wins in straight sets against Ena Shibahara

15:30 , Sonia Twigg

Shibahara is a game away from levelling here, having been 5-1 down in the second set, but Raducanu has just unleashed an impressive return. She knew Shibahara would be coming to the net and squeezed the ball past her to win the point.

But Raducanu cannot follow it up, and the next point is decided after the ball rebounds off the frame of the racket, but she is handed a reprieve when Shibahara has a wild swipe at a ball that goes way out.

Raducanu produces another stunning return to set up match point on her opponent’s serve having failed to do so twice on her own serve.

The first serve is into the net, and on second serve, Raducanu does win! 713 days after she last stepped onto a grass court, Raducanu is back to winning ways!

Andy Murray vs Marcos Giron

15:28 , Mike Jones

Matteo Berrettini has triumphed in a three-hour contest against Roman Safiullin winning 7-6 5-7 7-5 across three sets. Up next in Stuttgart will be Andy Murray taking on Marcos Giron.

Emma Raducanu 6-1 5-4 Ena Shibahara - BREAK

15:25 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu is still serving for the match, but her first shot goes long, and again she’s unhappy with the umpire’s decision.

She bounces back to win the next point, lets out a big rousing ‘come on!’ and she might have needed that.

An attempted lob goes long, and Shibahara has the advantage. Raducanu had been serving for the match, but now she has two break points to contend with.

She is immediately forced onto a second serve, but saves one of them with a good kick serve, and she does manage to save the second when Shibahara overhits an attempted winner.

Shibahara is manipulating Raducanu around the court and she forces another break point after deuce, and she breaks again!

Emma Raducanu 6-1 5-3 Ena Shibahara

15:18 , Sonia Twigg

Shibahara has found something in this match, going 40-0 up on her own serve with a stunning half volley.

This is not the form she has shown in the match so far and she holds the game to love.

Emma Raducanu 6-1 5-2 Ena Shibahara - BREAK

15:14 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu is serving for the match, she drops the first point on her serve, only the eighth of the match so far, but bounces back immediately to make it 15-all.

Shibahara plays a perfect drop shot, leaving Raducanu too much to do, and there is a small chance to extend this match at 15-30, and the Japanese player follows it up to set up two break points.

Shibahara breaks for the first time in the match.

Emma Raducanu 6-1 5-1 Ena Shibahara - BREAK

15:12 , Sonia Twigg

When the Raducanu return is short, Shibahara is the better serve and volleyer of the two, largely from her doubles experience, but it wasn’t right on that occasion, 0-15.

But when the Brit gets her return right, there is not much Shibahara can do in reply, and she fights hard to carve out three break points.

Raducanu orchestrated that point, forcing Shibahara to cover all of the court, and she was rewarded for it.

Emma Raducanu 6-1 4-1 Ena Shibahara

15:07 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu is toying with Shibahara, feints to go down the line and then just rotates her hips opening up more of the court for a passing shot.

Another ace gives the Brit a 30-0 lead, her fourth of the match so far. She has the chance to hold to love, but a shot just drops beyond the baseline.

She does find a bit more power with a backhand down the line, and Shibahara doesn’t have an answer to it.

Emma Raducanu 6-1 3-1 Ena Shibahara

15:04 , Sonia Twigg

Shibahara serves and volleys to take the lead in the fourth game of the second set, it is clearly her comfort zone and it allows her to move 30-0 ahead.

She is a more experienced doubles than singles player, and she has a chance to win only her second game of the match with three game points, and she only needs one with a stunning serve down the centre line.

Emma Raducanu 6-1 3-0 Ena Shibahara

15:01 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu’s baseline shots are just too strong for Shibahara and she hits it into the net again as Raducanu goes ahead, the next ball she goes for power and hits it beyond the baseline, 30-0.

A small mistake, and Shibahara claims just her seventh point against the Raducanu serve in this match, using her preferred tactic of attacking the net, but any inroad is cancelled out by a perfect forehand.

Raducanu takes the game.

Emma Raducanu 6-1 2-0 Ena Shibahara - BREAK

14:58 , Sonia Twigg

Shibahara is running out of ways to find a way back into this game, she takes the first point, but Raducanu hits back immediately at 15-all.

Raducanu attacks the second serve right into the baseline corner, and Shibahara cannot get the ball back over the net.

The British player sets up two more break points, the first one comes off the frame in the return and is saved, but Raducanu takes the second when a backhand drifts into the net.

Emma Raducanu 6-1 1-0 Ena Shibahara

14:55 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu serves at the start of the second set after winning on her opponents serve and has just grown further into this game, taking a commanding 30-0 lead with a powerful forehand.

She sets up three game points, and then takes the game with a perfect ace down the middle. That was an ideal start to the second set for Raducanu.

Emma Raducanu 6-1 Ena Shibahara - SET

14:50 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu plays a stunning cross-court winner with both players at the net, there’s a late call out before that, but she has the lead at 15-30.

The 21-year-old Brit is just growing into this game, she is almost on her knees playing the forehand but just looks so comfortable and she sets up two break and set points.

The first one Raducanu cannot capitalise on and she hits a forehand that just clips the top of the net and bounces back, but the next one she does take to comfortably take the first set.

Emma Raducanu 5-1 Ena Shibahara

14:47 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu has been very impressive in this match and storms ahead on her serve to establish a healthy 40-15 lead and two game points.

Her serve proves too much for Shibahara who cannot get her return back into the court, and Raducanu extends her game advantage.

Emma Raducanu 4-1 Ena Shibahara - BREAK

14:42 , Sonia Twigg

Shibahara takes the first point in her serve, with the return going straight into the net, but Raducanu pulls it back to 30 all.

Shibahara has continued to go big on her second serve and moves to the brink of a hold with it, but the longer rallies seem to favour the Brit, and she produces a tidy return and follow to take the game to deuce.

The Japanese player fires into the net and Raducanu has another break point, which she takes with a stunning perfect backhand down the line.

Emma Raducanu 3-1 Ena Shibahara

14:37 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu has not agreed with the umpire’s call on three or four occasions now, but she has to accept it and there are no reviews.

The Brit does move 30-15 into the lead when Shibahara’s return goes straight into the net, but it’s all level when Raducanu makes the same mistake deep behind the service line.

But from that point, Raducanu storms ahead to take the game and maintain her break advantage in these early stages of the first set.

Emma Raducanu 2-1 Ena Shibahara

14:32 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu takes an early lead in the third game, as Shibaharu is caught out being slightly late to get to a serve and volley.

However, he next serve is hit back into the net by Raducanu to level the game at 30-30.

Shibahara goes for a slice, it’s called out,by the line judge but overruled by the chair umpire and Shibahara moves to within one point of her first game, which she takes when Raducanu hits one off the frame of the racket.

Emma Raducanu 2-0 Ena Shibahara

14:28 , Sonia Twigg

Forced onto the second serve, it’s Shibahara who will take the first point of the Brit’s service game, but she levels things up next opportunity when the return goes straight into the net.

Raducanu recovers two break points down to take the game to deuce, and the Brit takes the advantage, and takes the second game with an ace.

Andy Murray vs Marcos Giron

14:23 , Mike Jones

Murray’s match against Giron will be played on centre court at the Stuttgart Open but before they start Roman Safiullin and Matteo Berrettini need to finish their encounter.

They are level 1-1 in terms of sets with Berrettini taking the first 7-6 following a tie break and Safiullin winning the second 7-5. Murray is now expected on court closer to 3pm.

Emma Raducanu 1-0 Ena Shibahara - BREAK

14:22 , Sonia Twigg

She serves just in and Raducanu sends her responding backhand straight into the net. There are no reviews in this tournament so it is all down to the line judges.

The following point goes in favour of the Brit, she takes her chance with a forehand across the court, 15-15.

Shibahara has missed a volley and a chance to go ahead, instead it’s Raducanu who takes the chance to make it 15-30, but the next one the Japanese player does get right to level the game.

Raducanu forces a break point, which she takes with a perfect lob to get off to the ideal start in front of a home crowd.

Emma Raducanu vs Ena Shibahara

14:19 , Sonia Twigg

The warm up is done, and the match is about to get underway. There is just enough time for one final drink before Shibahara serves first in the match.

Emma Raducanu vs Ena Shibahara

14:13 , Sonia Twigg

Raducanu might not have played on grass since 2022, and she dropped out of the French Open and the clay season to focus on grass in the build up to Wimbledon.

The players are out on cour and the match is about to get underway.

Game, set, match Evans

14:05 , Sonia Twigg

Dan Evans has won his match against Stricker, that is a big win, his seventh of the season, but he has not won any title since 2022.

Stricker had a back injury and this was only his second singles match this year, but he has gone out of the tournament in Nottingham.

Dan Evans vs Dominic Stricker

14:01 , Sonia Twigg

Stricker has come back on to the court but the injury is still clearly affecting him.

Evans has just broken in the final set and is about to serve for the match.

Andy Murray vs Marcos Giron

14:01 , Mike Jones

This first round match is the third scheduled on centre court in Stuttgart. It is due to start around 2.15pm BST.

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch action from the Stuttgart Open live on Sky Sports Tennis, the British broadcast home of the ATP and WTA Tours. A livestream will be available via Sky Go.

Watson on reaching Paris Olympics

13:50 , Mike Jones

“My biggest goal in the last 12 months was to play in my fourth Olympics in Paris,” Heather Watson told the PA news agency, “So I put a big push on doubles in the last 12 months. I started off playing every week.

“It was after Wimbledon where I set that goal for myself because I just wanted to give it a good old go. Hopefully I am able to go and play doubles with Katie Boulter and mixed doubles with Joe Salisbury. That has been my main focus.

“I don’t know whether we have made it or not but now, whether we make it or not, I am going to focus on my singles because I have sacrificed it for the past 12 months.

“I want to get that back and I need to set new goals now. I am in a different place in my career and my life. London 2012 was one of the best experiences of my life. It is an honour to be at such an amazing event like that.”

Dan Evans vs Dominic Stricker

13:47 , Sonia Twigg

Stricker has left the court for a medical time out, and Evans has also followed him out of the cold conditions in Nottingham.

Dan Evans vs Dominic Stricker

13:45 , Sonia Twigg

Stricker has just slid awkwardly and might have injured himself here.

After a lengthy pause he gets gingerly to his feet, but is still receiving treatment.

The big question facing Carlos Alcaraz and Iga Swiatek after French Open titles

13:43 , Mike Jones

Iga Swiatek called it a “huge challenge”, while Carlos Alcaraz wanted to enjoy his third grand slam title before turning his mind to emulating Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

On the women’s side, there is Margaret Court, Evonne Goolagong, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf and Serena Williams. Between them, it is a list of tennis legends and all-time greats – but a select group, too. They are the only players in the Open era to win the French Open and Wimbledon in the same summer.

The Roland Garros-Wimbledon double, or the Channel Slam, as it is sometimes known, is notoriously difficult to accomplish. Only the most consummate players have mastered the switch from clay to grass after the French Open and the transition between different surfaces while being successful on both, especially for those who go deep into the tournament in Paris.

It may not be as hard as it used to be, given there are now three weeks between the grand slams rather than two, as well as the changing nature of grass and how it plays, but it’s still among the toughest tests in the sport.

The big question facing Carlos Alcaraz and Iga Swiatek after French Open titles

Dan Evans vs Dominic Stricker

13:43 , Sonia Twigg

It’s three games apiece in the final deciding set between Stricker and Evans in Nottingham, and pair seem to be going toe to toe.

Raducanu will not be able to get out on court until the conclusion of this match.

Dan Evans vs Dominic Stricker

13:35 , Mike Jones

Emma Raducanu is up next at the Nottingham Open but first the match between Dan Evans and Dominic Stricker needs to reach its conclusion.

Britain’s Evans took the opening set 6-3 before Stricker won the second 6-4. Currently in the third set, Evans leads 3-1.

Britain’s Heather Watson set to learn whether Olympic doubles push has paid off

13:30 , Mike Jones

Heather Watson says she has sacrificed her singles career for the past 12 months in order to focus on doubles in a bid to qualify for a fourth Olympics.

The 32-year-old will find out in the next few days whether she has done enough to be part of Team GB in Paris later this summer.

Watson would play with British number one Katie Boulter in the women’s doubles and then most likely Joe Salisbury in the mixed doubles.

Britain’s Heather Watson set to learn whether Olympic doubles push has paid off

Raducancu on her improved fitness

13:22 , Mike Jones

Emma Raducanu faces Japan’s Ena Shibahara in the Nottingham first round today and says she is ‘really healthy, really strong’.

“Body-wise, physical-wise, I feel really healthy. I feel really strong,” said Raducanu, who played her first WTA match at Nottingham in 2021 before going on to win the US Open later that year.

“I’ve done amazing work with my trainer over the last few months, since surgery. I’m in a really fit place. I think my wrists are actually in a better position than they ever were.

“So there’s zero doubt or apprehension whether I’m hitting the ball or designing my schedule. It’s more about being proactive and not wanting to put yourself in any unnecessary situations.”

Andy Murray considers Wimbledon doubles campaign with brother Jamie

13:15 , Mike Jones

Andy Murray is considering playing doubles with his brother Jamie at Wimbledon.

Murray and Dan Evans’ scratch pairing was shortlived after they were beaten in the first round of the French Open.

But the two-time Wimbledon champion fancies another crack at SW19 this summer and might reprise his Davis Cup-winning partnership with his elder sibling.

Andy Murray considers Wimbledon doubles campaign with brother Jamie

Which other events is Andy Murray playing this summer?

13:07 , Mike Jones

Andy Murray opted not to defend his title in Surbiton, but is set to play both Queen’s and Eastbourne ahead of the year’s third grand slam, which starts on July 1.

The two-time Wimbledon winner appears ready to partner his brother Jamie for the first time in the men’s doubles at SW19.

Jack Draper on defeating Sebastian Ofner

13:00 , Mike Jones

Jack Draper triumphed in a tight contest against the big-serving Sebastian Ofner, winning two tiebreaks to take a 7-6 (4) 7-6 (5) victory in Germany.

“When it came down to it, I’m glad I competed really hard & got over the line. It’s good to be back on the grass,” Draper said during his on-court interview.

“I played point by point and I gave myself the best chance to win the game.”

Draper will face Andy Murray in the next round if Murray manages to beat Giron this afternoon.

Jack Draper sets up possible tie with Andy Murray at Stuttgart Open

12:52 , Mike Jones

Jack Draper got his grass-court season off to a winning start and set up a possible meeting with Andy Murray at the Stuttgart Open.

The British number two, ranked 40 in the world, began preparations for his home grand slam at Wimbledon with a straight-sets win over Austrian Sebastian Ofner on Monday.

It was a tight contest against the big-serving Ofner, with Draper coming out on top in two tiebreaks to take a 7-6 (4) 7-6 (5) victory in Germany.

Jack Draper sets up possible tie with Andy Murray at Stuttgart Open

Raducanu on Nottingham Open

12:45 , Mike Jones

“I would say Nottingham is a special place in my career,” she said. “I am fond of it because it’s where everything started, my first WTA match, then I played the 100k the week after and that is where I got my Wimbledon wildcard because I didn’t get it in the first announcement.

“I had to win two matches in the 100k and then I got the wildcard and made fourth round at Wimbledon. So it is a very special place, if I hadn’t got that wildcard who knows what would have happened, or if the US would have happened.

“So it is a compilation of small moments where you don’t know what is going to happen. It is obviously different coming back here having won the US Open than before.”

Emma Raducana speaks out about her injuries

12:38 , Mike Jones

“It was pretty surreal because obviously I couldn’t be on crutches because I’d had two wrist surgeries,” said the Brit about her injuries last season ahead of her Nottingham Open campaign.

“So I had a cast on one hand – I’d timed it so I didn’t have two casts at the same time, obviously – a splint on the other and my ankle was also pretty much immobilised, in a splint and stitches. I would just scooter around with one knee. As someone who is so active it’s difficult to just shut your body down.

“I think it’s very easy for me to lose sight of where I was exactly a year ago because it is pretty much a year ago to this day, this month.

“You get so caught up in your own world that you want more and more and more. But a year ago I was on a scooter scooting around and I didn’t know – there was an element of doubt. To be healthy and to be here, I need to cherish it. So thanks for reminding me to do that.

“Body-wise, physical-wise, I feel really healthy. I feel really strong. I’ve done amazing work with my trainer over the last few months, since surgery.

“I’m in a really fit place. I think my wrists are actually in a better position than they ever were.

“So there’s zero doubt or apprehension whether I’m hitting the ball or designing my schedule. It’s more about being proactive and not wanting to put yourself in any unnecessary situations.”

Emma Raducanu issues fitness update as Wimbledon preparation begins with grass-court return

12:30 , Sonia Twigg

Emma Raducanu has to remind herself she needed a mobility scooter this time last year as she prepares for her latest career reboot.

The 21-year-old will play her first match since April on Tuesday after choosing to skip the French Open in order to prepare for the grass-court season, which begins with the Nottingham Open this week.

Raducanu, whose 2024 playing schedule has been sporadic, is taking small steps on her road to recovery from three surgeries this time last year, where she went under the knife on both wrists and an ankle, leaving her needing assistance to get around.

Raducanu issues fitness update ahead of grass-court return

Harriet Dart bets umpire £50,000 over line call in ill-tempered defeat to Katie Boulter

12:15 , Sonia Twigg

Harriet Dart offered to bet the umpire £50,000 she was right about a disputed line call in her ill-tempered defeat to British teammate Katie Boulter at the Nottingham Open.

Dart told the official Kelly Rask that she was “embarrassing yourself” after the British No 2 was convinced a ball landed out during a rally in the second set of a tight tussle and later accused Rask of “threatening” her.

Defending champion Boulter kept out of the drama and sealed a 6-7 (5), 6-4, 7-5 victory.

Harriet Dart bets umpire £50,000 over line call in defeat to Katie Boulter

When are the matches and how to watch them

12:00 , Sonia Twigg

When is Andy Murray vs Marcos Giron?

The round one match is the third scheduled on centre court in Stuttgart on Tuesday 11 June, and will not start before 1.30pm BST.

How can I watch it?

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch action from the Stuttgart Open live on Sky Sports Tennis, the British broadcast home of the ATP and WTA Tours. A livestream will be available via Sky Go.

The match will begin at around 1:30pm BST with Raducanu vs Shibahara is the second match on Centre Court.

When is Emma Raducanu vs Ena Shibahara?

The match will begin at around 1:30pm BST with Raducanu vs Shibahara is the second match on Centre Court.

How can I watch it?

You can watch the match with free-to-air coverage on the BBC Red Button. There is a live stream on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website.

Tuesday’s coverage begins at 11:20am and ends at 8:00pm - Red Button coverage ends at 6pm.

Emma Raducanu vs Ena Shibahara start time: How to watch Nottingham Open online and on TV today

11:45 , Sonia Twigg

Emma Raducanu returns today against Ena Shibahara at the Rothesay Open in Nottingham, which runs from 10-16 June.

The Briton has been out of action for the last six weeks following defeat to Maria Lourdes Carle at the Madrid Open. The former US Open champion opted against French Open qualification, instead focusing on “keeping fit for the rest of the year” and the build-up to Wimbledon.

After missing the grass court season last year through injury after surgery, Raducanu looks to build momentum against the 21-year-old Japanese player, who is the world number 274 and was last seen at Roland Garros, reaching the second round of the mixed doubles and the third round of the women’s doubles.

Katie Boulter is also in action and begins her title defence against compatriot Harriet Dart, with former Wimbledon finalists Ons Jabeur and Karolina Pliskova also in the draw. Britons Cameron Norrie and Dan Evans will compete in the men’s Challenger event to run alongside the women’s WTA event.

Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu in grasscourt action

11:22 , Sonia Twigg

Hello and welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of Emma Raducanu vs Ena Shibahara at the Nottingham Open and Andy Murray vs Marcos Giron in Stuttgart.

Raducanu insisted before the tournament that she is ready and fit, having dropped out of the French Open to work on her build up to Wimbledon following wrist and ankle surgery last year.

Murray will start the preparations for what could be his farewell appearance at Wimbledon with a short trip to Stuttgart and take on Giron, who has moved into the world top 50.