Eminem and Dr. Dre killed at Coachella but Beyonce reigns as queen

You Win Internet

Whether you trekked it all the way to the desert for Coachella, or enjoyed couch-ella from the comfort of your home - yep, it was a thing - it’s safe to say the popular music festival was one for the record books.

Twitter agreed, especially after Eminem’s performance last night to end weekend one. The rapper brought out several special guests including Bebe Rexha and 50 Cent, but the internet went bananas when Dr. Dre took the stage with Eminem, one of the many artists he discovered.

Yes, the internet loved the surprise, but here’s the thing. Coachella was renamed Beychella this weekend. There were hundreds of great performances, but nothing topped Beyonce.

Even change the rapper admitted, Beyonce is the greatest entertainer to ever live and the queen of music.

Well there you have it! We wonder what these amazing artists will bring for week two.

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