Emily Mayfield issues apology and explanation Monday for social media post share

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of concerns to work out with two of their biggest games of the season right in front of them. What happens on the field is always going to be the most important but off-the-field drama has a way of finding its way to impact the on-the-field performance.

Following Sunday’s win against the Detroit Lions, Baker Mayfield refused media availability and his wife, Emily Mayfield, shared a post on social media that seemed to attack the quarterback’s teammates.

Mayfield did speak on Monday and gave a blunt evaluation of his performance.

His wife also shared an apology and explanation of sharing the post that she did:

With the Baltimore Ravens coming up in Week 12, the Browns need to be as focused as they can be if they hope to get a victory. Moving forward on Monday from things that don’t matter on the field can help that happen.

An underdog going into their AFC North matchup, Cleveland must