Embrace Chaos: Don’t expect Texas to run away with the TCU game

The Texas Longhorns (8-1) are perhaps the most consistent team in college football. It’s both the reason we think so highly of the team and the source of frustration with the 2023 squad.

Texas averages 34.3 points per game. It has never scored less than 30 points in nine games this season. That’s remarkable consistency.

On the flip side, the Longhorns aren’t running away with many games either. Just once has the team scored 40 points in a game. That game happened several weeks ago against Kansas.

The Longhorns’ game trends are so strong it is as if we know how the TCU game is going to unfold.

If this week’s matchup goes like the Kansas State and Houston game went, Texas will build a three-score lead and let its opponent back in the game. If TCU is as incapable as BYU and Baylor were offensively, the Longhorns will score around 35 points and the Horned Frogs will beat themselves. We don’t expect that to happen.

TCU is one of the more productive passing offenses in the Big 12, even with Josh Hoover at starting quarterback. Hoover has thrown for over 350 yards twice in his last three starts. Albeit, it hasn’t been the most efficient attack as Hoover had 52 attempts and 58 attempts in each of those games.

The Horned Frogs shouldn’t go off against the Longhorns. We believe Texas will build a big lead and win, but you can expect the Frogs to pad the stat sheet and close the gap.

Texas may not run away with it like they should, but we expect the team to end the week with a 9-1 record. Embrace the chaos.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire