‘Elusive’ Yellowstone wolf pack reacts to trail cam

A researcher who studies wolves in Yellowstone National Park on Thursday shared footage showing a rarely seen pack reacting to a trail camera.

Viewers can click here to watch Taylor Rabe’s Instagram reel featuring adult members of the Shrimp Lake Pack in the northeast portion of the park.

Two wolves are shown inspecting or reacting to the motion-sensor camera and, as Rabe jokingly notes, those who listen with sound can hear one wolf “taking a pee on a tree.”

“Wolves are very aware when cameras are in the area, and you can see these two adults checking it out!” Rabe explains in the footage, which was captured in June.

According to Rabe, who conducts research for the Yellowstone Wolf Project,  the Shrimp Lake Pack consists of four adults (including two yearlings) and four new pups.

Wolves reach adult size in about one year and viewers can glimpse the yearlings – one black, the other gray – on the trail behind the older wolves.

Rabe concludes: “The Shrimps are very elusive, so any sighting of them is exciting – even on a trail cam!”

–Images are video screen shots

Story originally appeared on For The Win