Ellen moves to primetime with a hilarious new game show

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One of the best parts of Ellen Degeneres’s daytime talk show are the games she plays. So you can imagine how delighted we were to learn Degeneres is now hosting her very own primetime game show, Game of Games.

“I made these games bigger than ever, messier than ever,” said Degeneres. On Monday night’s “special preview” of her new game show, Degeneres explained, “Hosting this show is like a relationship. We will laugh, we will cry. I’m gonna play some games with you. I’ll cause some drama, and when it’s all over, one of you will walk out of here with all of my money.”

The show consisted of six different games in which contestants duked it out for a shot at $100,000. And even though we want to see them win, watching them lose was very entertaining.  The first round consisted of two contestants who were spun around so fast that when they stood up, they could barely make it over to answer Degeneres’s question. In fact, one contestant couldn’t help falling off the stage, even tumbling down head first. There was also a game involving a “Tuba Toothpaste,” a giant rubber band, and a cannonball launcher.  

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Once the winning contestants from each four rounds were established, they moved on to the fifth game, “Know or Go,” in which they were asked trivia questions.  If they got the question right, they were safe. Unfortunately, if they got it wrong, they plummeted 30 feet. You know: Go big or go … down.

Dayo Adesokan, who won “Dizzy Dash” and “Know or Go,” was the lucky contestant to move on to the final round, called “Hot Hands,” and, after playing a 30-second round of celebrity pictionary, Adesokan was crowned the big winner of $100,000! Overall, Degeneres’s game show had us laughing out loud and we can’t wait until the series premieres on Jan. 2.

Ellen’s Game of Games special preview episode aired Monday, Dec. 18 on NBC. Watch clips and full episodes of Ellen’s Game of Games for free on Yahoo View.

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