Elle Macpherson Rolls Down Bikini Bottoms In Sizzling Throwback – Proves She's Still Got It

Elle Macpherson in the street
Elle Macpherson in the street

Elle Macpherson has 100% still got it. The 56-year-old supermodel who spent years being known as "The Body" has taken to social media to show that her moniker is alive and well. Elle might be a lower-profile face these days, but for the Aussie's fans, the beauty never faded.

Elle updated her Instagram over the weekend with some throwback content, plus an insight into how she keeps her killer body looking so great. The post came accompanied by a long caption that reflected a long career – Elle kicked off with a mention of her four decade-plus tenure.

A Smoking Hot Bikini Throwback & Lymphatic Drainage Talk

Elle Macpherson poses in a bikini
Elle Macpherson poses in a bikini

Elle's post opened with a sun-drenched throwback of the model rocking a tiny blue bikini as she posed against tree branches. The bikini bottoms had been rolled down for an extra-daring finish, also showcasing the model's abs to best effect.

A quick swipe to the right showed a different scene – here, Elle had posted a before and after of her bronzed and flat stomach as she lay down amid towels to receive a natural remedy treatment. Elle's photo showed she's still got it, and her caption explained how she's made that possible.

After 40 Years, Realizes Wellness On The 'Inside' Matters

Elle Macpherson's stomach during a treatment
Elle Macpherson's stomach during a treatment

Elle's caption opened by mentioning her lengthy career.

"Strength in nature ... after nearly 40 years in front of the camera , I’ve realized the most important thing is being well on the inside- body, mind, emotions and spirit.. and the beautiful bi - product is that this is often reflected on the outside. As time goes on I have experienced increasingly the benefits of natural remedies and solutions," she wrote.

Elle then mentioned her WelleCo brand – the company's "nutritional powders" were outlined as "simple to intergrate into people's lives."

The Woman She Calls A 'Lady Torturer'

Elle Macpherson poses in a dress
Elle Macpherson poses in a dress

Elle continued with a shout-out to celeb masseuse Sheila Perez.

"I also love @sheilamsperez manual lymphatic drainage to help keep my body clear of toxins - I call her lady torturer - but so well worth the effort. ( see before and after )," she stated.

"I show this, not because it’s about having a flat stomach, although we all like this - I show because it’s a visible demonstration of how a healthy lymph system can affect the body - the stomach is a good indication , but the true clearing is on the inside throughout the whole body," Elle added.

If You're A 'Friends' Fan, You'll Remember Joey's Hot Roommate

If you watched "Friends," you'll remember Elle being cast as Janine Lecroix on the hit sitcom. Janine played Joey Tribbiabi's hot dancer roommate, with fans loving how Elle and Matt LeBlanc delivered their co-living and brief on-screen relationship.

Elle appeared in five episodes of the show back in 1999.

Since then, Elle has featured on NBC's "Fashion Star," plus Britain and Ireland's "Next Top Model." Elle has also branched into business with her lingerie line, now appearing to focus on her wellness brand.

Elle isn't the only model-turned-actress to have made headlines in 2020. "Baywatch" star Carmen Electra recently did just this for exposing her chest in a racy mesh dress.