Elizabeth Banks Slaps Gong Show Contestant

Superfan TV

Elizabeth Banks was on the edge of her seat during The Gong Show when an opera singing, cake eating contortionist and her assistant were up to no good with their dessert. As performer, Sarah Llewellyn bent over backwards, her assistant brought the cake over and Banks exclaimed, "Oh my god. Is the cake gonna go in her cooch?"

Llewellyn sang an Italian opera aria called "O Mio Babbino Caro," which may be Italian for "I put my face in cake" because that's exactly what she did.

Banks asked, "What's the relationship between you two ladies? 'Cause it got very interesting." Host, Tommy Maitland (played by Mike Myers) said, "I might have an erection right now. I do. Sorry, go ahead."

When a group called Tummy Talk hit the stage, Banks might have found it even kinkier than the cake. Tummy Talk consists of a sumo wrestler and several men who play him like a drum, slapping his body. When they took off the wrestler's shirt Banks said, "Ooh, it's sensual."

After they played his body, Banks couldn't help but want to join in on the fun. "Can I smack you?" she asked before going up and playing a beat on his chest.

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