Eli Manning pelted Arch with footballs as a kid to ‘toughen him up’

Texas quarterback Arch Manning was the crowned jewel of Texas’ most recent recruiting class and hails from the most famous quarterback family of them all.

His two uncles and grandpa all played in the NFL, with his uncle Peyton Manning being considered one of the best to ever do it. Based on watching the youngest Manning, and what has been written about him by those at practice every day it is clear he has acquired certain skills from each member of his family whether it be his grandpa’s athleticism, Peyton’s cerebral ability, and Eli’s arm strength.

While Arch is currently fighting for the backup role behind Quinn Ewers with Maalik Murphy, it was revealed by People  that his uncle Eli also helped him with toughness. Eli explained that when Arch was younger he did his best to help make sure he was tough.

“I think my first catch with him, he was like four years old,” Eli tells PEOPLE exclusively of his nephew at the Fine Life Playbook preview in New York City. “I’m just drilling balls at him and bouncing off so he didn’t cry,” he playfully recalls.

The reason Eli felt this was necessary was simple. “I had to toughen him up,” he explains. “And make sure he was tough enough to handle this.”

Eli also expressed that while Arch isn’t in line to start this season, it will be a good chance for him to learn.

Texas fans may see Manning this weekend as they open the season against Rice who they are 35 point favorites over.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire