Eli Apple takes aim at Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs after Bengals beat Bills

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple seems to make waves at least once a year for his antics on Twitter, whether it’s before a game or after.

This year? It’s in the wake of the Bengals dismissing the Buffalo Bills in the divisional round on the road 27-10.

Apple popped up on Twitter and sent a barrage of messages targeted at the Bills, quarterback Josh Allen and especially wideout Stefon Diggs.

Diggs had a sideline outburst during the loss and reportedly quickly left the stadium, then sent messages about that on Twitter addressing the issue the day after, which is what got the onslaught of messages started:

The whole thing is reminiscent of Apple’s Twitter antics after besting Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs last year in the playoffs. Some love it, some hate it.


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Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire