Electric Ferrari 308 is ‘Magnum, P.I.’ swagger in an earth friendly package

Superfan TV

Ferrari 308’s scream Magnum, P.I. and big hair, but on Top Gear America they showed off a 308 that has been retrofitted with electric motors so that even though it’s red, it’s also surprisingly green.

The original 308 came with a 2.9 liter, V8 engine that produced 240 horsepower in the U.S. (250 in European version).

The 308 EV comes with three AC-51 brushless induction motors which are good for 330 horsepower equivalency and instant torque. Not to mention the EV can get 130-200 miles on a single charge.

But all that efficiency does come with one major drawback, sound. Ferrari is famous for the sound it’s engines and exhaust make, so is it really a Ferrari without the Ferrari engine?

Some enthusiast may be willing to turn a blind eye - or a deaf ear on the lack sound because of the performance advantages. With the Stig racing both the original gas version and the EV version around the track, he picked almost 10 seconds with the electric version.

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