ELeague reveals season 2 details for CSGO after winning ELEAGUE season 1 (Turner Sports) after winning ELEAGUE season 1 (Turner Sports)

Turner and WME | IMG have officially announced the second season of ELeague, the groundbreaking Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league that aired on TBS earlier this summer. The top eight teams that made playoff berth last season will be automatically qualified for the second stage of groups in the league’s new accelerated format with the preliminary rounds beginning September 7 and the grand finals taking place December 3.

“We’ve been very pleased with the performance of ELeague and the significant levels of engagement with our content across all platforms in our first season,” said Christina Alejandre, General Manager of ELeague and Vice President of eSports at Turner Sports in a press release. “In our second season, we’ve enhanced the schedule to make the stakes even higher from a competitive standpoint, while also creating an opportunity for a more open field. We believe this new format will keep our audience engaged with our content from the opening week through the grand finals and be more accommodating to team and player schedules.”

ELeague will host open qualifiers for the preliminary rounds on September 3-5 for EU and September 10-12 for NA. All teams that participated in Season 1 but failed to make the playoffs will be directly invited to compete again in the preliminary rounds. The preliminary rounds will feature 16 teams from each region, with only 8 teams moving on to join the top 8 from Season 1 in the group stage. After groups are finished, the remaining eight will play through a single-elimination playoff bracket.

Find the full ELeague Season 2 schedule below:

Open Qualifiers

  • European: September 3-5

  • American: September 10-12

Preliminary Rounds

  • European: September 7-8

  • American: September 14-15

Group Stages

  • Group A: October 21-22

  • Group B: November 4-5

  • Group C: November 11-12

  • Group D: November 18-19


  • Quarterfinals: November 29-30

  • Semifinals: December 2

  • Grand Finals: December 3

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