Eldorado adds a second Dotson to its coaching staff

May 8—Eldorado High has welcomed back one of its own to take over its wrestling program.

And he's going to have some familiar help.

Scott Dotson, 54, has been named the Eagles' new head wrestling coach. He is a past multiple state champion wrestler for Eldorado, and former wrestler and interim head coach at the University of New Mexico.

His older brother, Charlie, Eldorado's head football coach and the man who coached the Eagles wrestlers to their last state championship in 2006, will be assisting.

"On a professional level, what an opportunity," Scott Dotson said. "And the opportunity to work with my brother again. We've never really coached on the same team."

The Eagles are many years removed from the the last time they seriously contended for a state wrestling championship. Scott Dotson hopes the wrestling team and football team can work in unison to improve both programs.

This will be Scott Dotson's first head coaching job at the high school level. He was the Lobos' interim coach in the final season of the program, 1998-99.

Dotson also was a longtime assistant athletic director with the Lobos, and most recently he was a senior associate AD at UNM until 2022.

Eldorado wrestling, Dotson said, can get back into the mix and contend once more.

"There's always potential in everything," he said. "That's the excitement of it. ... Right now, the first things is, turn over every stone, try to get some interest back."

For the immediate future, Dotson said, he is going to gather information and background on the program and his returning wrestlers. Then he and Charlie will begin to formulate a plan for next season.

It was Charlie's suggestion, Scott said, that the brothers collaborate on the wrestling program.

"That definitely made the job more appealing," Scott Dotson said.